Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Master wanted me to start by sharing something with you about costumes. The whole story of how Master came into my life and how I balance this time for Ashlee with reality will come later I guess. At least, that's what Master says.

I always keep an eye out for Halloween costumes, because that's the time I can most unapologetically be me in public. Last year I went out in my Strawberry Shortcake costume to a supermarket, Target, and even a few houses. It's a tight fit an I had to wear girlie boxers underneath. I also own a purr-fect French maid costume, too. But haven't worn that outside.

Master believes that the perfect Hallowe'en costume for a girl like me should send the message "I think you should take me seriously, but how could you?" He's looking for something more subtle than just cute and flirty, but he loves the pink. That's why he told me had to check out the "Skulls & Stars" costume. I mean, look, everything is all black and bad, but with red lacing and a little necklace, and a skirt with stars on it, how can you take it seriously? It's a ditzy girl's way of trying to be tough -- wearing black and all that -- but a cute little purse?

Anyway, I know he would love the idea of me constantly getting my skirt under control and watching my wings, walking around. Not to mention those belts. The idea of having to obssess about the state of my clothing is big one for him. One good thing -- it might be the only time I get to not smile around him! More on that later.

I probably can't fit into that piece since it's made for tweens, but Master may order it anyway. I'm getting better at sewing, and adding some pink lace at the seams, maybe I could squeeze in for some Hallowe'en humiliation.

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