Sunday, October 25, 2009

A fiction piece: "Princess Chicken"

"Well, we should get you put in place...we're opening in half an hour, and we need to make sure everything is in place." Gus had a mirthful smile on his face, and who could blame him? Me, I swallowed hard, knowing that the moment had I arrived when I would not be able to back out. The idea had come to me after hours spent trying to find the perfect way to humiliate myself around Halloween, a way where I'd be seen for a the girl I was with no way to back out...

"Just follow me," Gus said, as he showed me to a spot just to the right of the entrance. Gus had been the key...he'd managed this for-profit Haunted Thrill House for years now, and he'd known about my other side since one drunk night at college. As a matter of fact, he'd helped push my girlfriend at the time to dress me up as Rainbow Brite for the Halloween of my junior year. What a night that had been!

"Now turn around" he said. I pivoted so my back was to the wall, skirts swishing as I turned.

...I'd approached him with an idea. How about you prove how scary the Thrill House is with a display? A display of one embarrassed guy who couldn't finish it, and was punished appropriately. It would be a little entertainment for everyone waiting in line. Gus had checked with a surprisingly willing owner...

"Right hand first." I held it up, and Gus closed the cuff around my wrist. I stood between and slightly in front of two poles next to the entrance to the Haunted Thrill House. A chain would run from my right cuff, around the two poles behind me, to a cuff clasped over my left wrist. I'd be chained and helpless outside. "And now the left hand." The cuff closed tightly. I wasn't going anywhere until released. Gus looked at my three inch heels, "Hope those shoes are comfy, little girl! I gotta head back inside, so you have fun."

...and the "chicken station" was set up. Tonight, and the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights of the next two weeks this would be my station. I can't believe I actually am going through with it, but here I am. Dressed up in a ridiculous "Little Miss Muffet" costume, standing here, trapped. A blodne curly wig blowing around in the breeze, light and sparkly makeup on my face. A trapped vision of frothy pink and white. Tacked above my head was a sign declaring "This princess couldn't handle the Haunted Thrill House...CAN YOU??"

I'm helpless....a silly blonde girl helpless, wondering what the night will bring. Soon enough, the strobes and sound effects were turned on inside, and cars began to enter the parking lot. As the last band of twilight faded to deep night, the first group approached...

Should I continue? Let me know ideas and opinions in the comments...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Well, I'll bee a honey...

Per the most recent poll, it looks like I'll be a little skirted honeybee for Halloween this year, and put the clown costume away. I just gotta figure out what I'm going to do to pass the time...I'd love to find a like-minded person in metro Boston/Worcester to go trick-or-treating with. (Last year, I trick-or-treated two houses but felt that I was kinda creepy, going on my own like that, in my late 20s...)

I may have a poll up later on what you'd like to have me do, and if you can meet in that area, or just want to order me around, you can always email at:

I am also working on the first piece of fiction for the blog, which should be posted by weekend's end.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

5 Senses

Master is a big believer in dominating in the five senses. For sight, not only do I look at myself dressed in such a humiliating way as a younger girl, but there are posters on my walls, dabs of color on my fingertips, a pink cover on my cell phone. I feel it every moment, with the weight in the bra that clasps my mid-section, the short hem brushing against my legs.

Of course, there's smell and taste, which are almost the same sense. There's a reason I have to refresh my lip gloss every five minutes, to make sure that taste of sickly sweet cotton candy is on my lips and in my nose. Same reasons that I have to spray cotton candy perfume all the time, so I smell sweet. Another reason that Master won't let me eat beef is that's a "man's taste" and a girl like me shouldn't know it. All this so that even if I close my eyes, my senses scream that I am a girl.

The hardest thing, oddly enough, is to engage the sense of sound. I don't sound like a girl, at best like a man trying to sound like a girl. Master likes having me listen to Miley Cyrus a lot on my mp3 player, and when the stereo isn't going I often contend with the tinkling of my cheap jewelry from Claire's shifting...the multiple necklaces, arm bangles, etc. Master is always looking for ways to fill my ears with the sounds a girl like me should hear.

I really don't have much of a chance.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


When Master caught me sitting somewhere with my purse out of reach for the third time in one day last week, I knew that I was in serious trouble. And yesterday I paid the price.

Master brought me to a commuter rail station last night. I was dressed in my finery of course...glittery makeup, twin ponytails, a pink cheerleading sweatshirt, matching pink shoes and purse, and denim miniskirt. Master had me sit with the purse in my hands, and looped the handle through a chain. Finally, the chain was wound around a pole next to the bench, and attached to each wrist with luggage locks.

So here I was, all girled up and unable to go anywhere. Master told me to look in my purse for help, and that the next train was due in half an hour. I'm starting to shake a little (it was a COLD day for a miniskirt) when I unzipped my purse and found a list of three-digit numbers.

Like a ditz, I stared at the numbers for a couple minutes before I realized. Three-digit numbers. These luggage locks have three-digit numbers. If I find the right one in time, I can escape without being seen. I found one halfway through the list, clutching it tightly against the wind. 5-3-8 But which wrist? Being a lefty I dialed it into the right wrist. No good. So the next one, and the next...

I could see that cars were starting to pull up awaiting the train to disgorge its passengers when it arrived. No clean getaway on this one. 103. Nothing. 661. Nothing. I'm licking my lips in concentration. 8...4...4 nothing. Then...duh.

514. Of course. I should have known as soon as I saw it. Sure enough, it dialed in. I grab my purse, and set off as quickly as I can, my heels clicking on the pavement. It was hours before I let go of my purse again.

Friday, October 16, 2009


After due consideration, I think I'm going to be a honey bee for Halloween this year. As you see on right, it's a little dress with black and yellow ruffles, wings, a belled collar, arm warmers, and antennae. It's sexy, girlish, an silly. Admittedly short on pink, but I think a good choice.

I would desperately love some guidance for that day...the scavenger hunt idea flopped, and just wandering around seems a waste of a day. Any time of instruction, assignment, or other thing would be wonderful. Just sayin'.

I may send pics of me dressed up, if it comes out all right...I'm still working on getting the wig just right.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Girl games

Add to my list of things I didn't know...there are now pink, "girl" editions of Scrabble (with the board highlighting the word "fashion") and Monopoly. That way, when I lose because I'm just a ditz, at least my game is cute just like me...

Better still is Twister Pink. Master enjoys spinning the wheel, watching me get all bent out of shape, twisted in my extra long necklace, and fighting to keep my hair out of my face. He's got a whole folder of me on the Twister Board in his computer, Master tells me....

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I seem to have a bit of writer's block at the moment. Nothing really outstanding going on vis-a-vis Master that you'd want to hear about. Halloween is still proceeding apace, but with no responses to my scavenger hunt idea I am guessing people are sick of hearing about it.

What DO you want to hear about?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sorry for the silence

Sorry I've been so quiet lately, but real life has been interfering a bit more than usual. I haven't forgotten you all, or some of what I want to post. I've been also equipping myself for Halloween, and have almost everything I need in hand...that's where I would like to ask you all something.

I'm thinking of doing a scavenger hunt this Hallowe'en while in costume. This will give me impetus to wander around, and a pre-printed list looks "official" and believable. Items in the hunt can be pictures in specific places or with people, buying certain objects, etc. In any case, I'd need to gather say 8 of 10 before I could consider my evening complete. This may be the best way to give me purpose and make use of the night.

I'm considering turning over the composition of the list over to my readers. For instance, I could collect ideas and have all of you vote on a top ten, or something like that. What do you think?