Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ice cream girl

I'd love to work at Dairy Queen. I've not once seen a male working there. The requirements seem to be a perky smile, a bouncy ponytail, DQ t-shirt, and jeans. I want to be a DQ girl, flirting with the boys in between customers, brashly singing along with the radio....

Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's easy!

Sorry for the one-month delay in issues and all, you know.

Anyway, as Master tells me, this is the easiest time of the year to go out in public. In summer, a girl "like me" is supposed to show tight clothing and skin, but here in New England it's possible to be very clothed and very fashionable. So all it takes is a trip to Wet Seal, and you're all set. Here's what you need:

A white coat, or one with a girlish design. They're on sale right now, and with the large, fur-lined hood you're safely tucked away from view.

Add matching accessories...a scarf and mittens, pink if you'd like. Wrap the scarf around your nose and lips, and done the mittens. The tightest pair of juniors' jeans you can find, and you're all set.

From head to toe, you look like a girl. Grab your favorite purse and go for a walk. I've walked during the day in a small town during a snowstorm, stopped off for gas, and walked some more. Short of some made-up eyes, all your body screams girl! It's better to be a winter girl during the day than a summer girl at night.

Why not try it?