Sunday, May 30, 2010

Alphabet girl

Wednesday started out as a typical cheer day. I've had many in the past, where I dress in my uniform and perform some cheers to the amusement of Master, or more often a videocamera. (Master may or may not review it to make sure that I did them).

So I'm standing there in my "favorite" cheer outfit. The uniform was bought over e-bay, and is a green and white two-piece, with a shell that hugs my upper body and has 'Cats spelled across the chest in green script, hugging my average boobs. There are diagonal green slash lines across the white shell, which match the green and white pleated skirt that ends three inches above my knee. My hands were resolutely taped to the handles of my green and white pompoms, meaning that I had no way to let go of them. My eyelids were covered with a glittery glop that made them sparkle, and my lips in soft pink, and my hair tied into a bouncy ponytail with a green and white bow. The shoes were a sparkly pair of white Nikes with a green swoosh.

But this time was different. We drove to a football field for a large private school. Master jammed his bluetooth in my ear, and soon enough I could hear and speak with him through his other cellphone, even though my hands were... pre-occupied.

We walked onto the field, Master instructing me to stand under the scoreboard, while he went in the other direction. My heart was pounding enough for my pompoms to softly rustle...what if someone sees me? I have no way home aside from Master? And what does he want from me? There was trace dew on the leaves, the numbers painted on the field worn from a season of sporting. I was alone, with Master near-invisible in the stands.

I found out soon enough. I would be forming letters today. I was to form my body into the shape of a letter until he told me to change. So, I heard "make a Y" through my ear and I would stand legs straight together, arms at 45 degree angles from my body. Many letters took multiple tries because my movements weren't "crisp enough". I got several reminders to be a happy little cheerleader, and keep a broad smile throughout the whole exercise. After forming each letter, I'd hear a camera click, and then we'd move on.

We didn't do every letter of the alphabet, and I couldn't make sense of what I did do...there were no words, but there were two awkward moments. As I shifted position (particularly for the "O" which required me to grab my ankles behind my head), some hair pulled out of the ponytail to fall across my face. I had to skip across the field -- literally skip -- so Master could tuck it behind an ear.

Worse still, I was in the midst of the very tricky "R" when I saw an older lady walking her dog enter the opposite end of the field. I had to keep up the pretense as she slowly circled the track, moving closer to where I was. How good was her eyesight? As her face crinkled into a smile and she waved...I learned not that good.

Finally after about forever, Master told me we were done. I skipped back across the field, chomping on my bubble gum, before getting back in the car.

Today I received the product of my work and Master's scheme. It is a panoramic shot, almost 2 feet long, of me as a smiling cheerleader spelling out "BOY CRAZY" with my posted on the wall.

The worst thing is, I know I made a G. What else does he have planned?