Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Devil Girl

The costume needs a few final touches, including the long, hot pink nails I have to glue on. But this is my Halloween outfit...a devil girl. Hot pink horns, tank top, tutu, purse, mini-pitchfork, glovelets, tights, shoe ties, and wings. Black vest, mini tie, belts, sash, leggings, wings, and heels. What do you think?

Friday, October 22, 2010

The things we forget

It was about five years ago. I was in the shower when I heard to doorbell. Shouting "just a minute", I roughly toweled off and threw on a (male) bathrobe. At the door stood a FedEx guy (and no, it isn't that kind of story.) There was a package for me, which I signed. All along, Mr. FedEx has an annoying little grin on his face as I hand back the pad, and he gives me the package. What's his deal?

I place the package on the floor, doff the robe and head back into the shower, and I realize what his deal was. My toes were alternatingly baby pink and hot pink, and out there for him to see. Whoops!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To answer your questions...

Alyssa, I love your idea of dressing as Catwoman and getting stuck in a tree. That is hilarious, and something I will keep in the hopper for next year.

Summer, any of my medical appointments have been with me dressed male, though anything I read makes clear that medical personnel are trained to be cool about things like that. Does remind me of a brief story I'll post in a day or two, however. I've corresponded with a local "girl" like me, but yet to meet her. As for dates, well, where do I find a guy who would go along with this?

Crow's very right. If I do anything better than a D on a test I get in trouble, something I learned through some spanks early on. From time to time Master likes to have me work out of a couple old textbooks, and getting all the answers right is worse than getting them all wrong! I just wish he wouldn't put all the results on the fridge.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Occasional writer's block. Not much reaction or prediction on my Halloween costume, unfortunately. What, nobody has a H'ween dare for me?

Failing that, any questions or suggestions? Gotta keep y'all entertained...

Thursday, October 14, 2010


What's the only thing worse than buying teen fashions with cash out of my own pocket?

Having to do so using a Visa Buxx, prepaid card. Aimed at teens, down to the customizable picture on the front. In my case, one with a photo of Justin Bieber on the card, and my girl name printed on it in raised letters.

Most disturbing isn't the times it raises eyebrows, but the times it doesn't. Also on the humiliation scale is knowing that my spending is now controlled by Master, who decides how much to put on it. Last night I suffered through standing in front of him with a miniskirt and tank top on, pleading with him to add a little more money so I could buy some makeup I "needed" the next day. He loved it.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


The other day Master asked me to grab my "favorite purse". Embarrassingly, that was a rather difficult one -- I've been with Master enough to know that whatever choice I offered, I would need to explain why it was my favorite. Indeed, that's what happened, and soon enough I was telling the camera that this silver foil bag was very fashionable and went with a range of colors, etc., etc.

Master had me put my makeup basics in it, and that was that.

So I thought, until this morning. Master told me the purse, with my wallet in it, had been turned into the Lost and Found at one of the stores in a huge area mall. My job for the day was to find it. I was told the purse would be in one of the stores where a "girl like me" was likely to shop. To make it interesting, as Master said, I had to wear a t-shirt and gym shorts, meaning that when I found the purse I'd be carrying it out in public.

Worse still, I was carrying my cell phone on an open call with me. Master informed me that should any question arise, I would have to claim the purse as my own, and not belonging to a girlfriend. And off we went.

Abercrombie didn't have the purse. Or Claire's. Or Victoria's Secret. As for Wet Seal, they were helpful...too helpful.

"What does it look like?"
"Oh, it's silver foil with a buckle, a short handle."
"Okay, we can keep an eye out for it. When was it lost?"
"This morning."
"Okay, sir. And it's your girlfriend's....?"
"No. Uh, it's mine."
"Yeah, mine. It's"
(Shaking head) "Okay...give me your number and I'll call you if anyone turns in your purse."

It was a humiliating hour, going store to store, working down the list from likely to ever less likely. It was around the twentieth place, a pet store, where I hit pay dirt. As so often, cherished fantasy doesn't hold to real life. I didn't have to claim the purse as my own, or even prove I owned it by knowing the contents. Instead, the strap landed in my moist palm, and I set off down the hall of mall, echoed by occasional giggles as I finally piled back into the car in the parking lot.

After I found my purse.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Final three

I've picked my costume. It's one of these:

-A pink Care Bear...huggable and snuggable in a short skirt.
-Goldilocks ... what humiliation activity will be just right?
-A black and pink my giggles scare you?

Let's have some fun. I'll allow three days to try to predict. Put your prediction in the comments, along with a dare to perform on Halloween. If you guess right, I have to do the dare.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Didn't see that coming

I truly didn't expect "Goldilocks" to be the much preferred costume of my readers by a nearly 2-1 margin over the next highest score.

I think it's narrowed down to four choices:

Pink Care Bear
Pink and black devil
Pink and black witch

Since I was Strawberry Shortcake two years ago, it feels kinda soon for Goldilocks that quickly. I ask, invite, and beseech my readers on suggestions about what to wear, where to go, and what to do this Halloween...remember, the more my courage is bucked up, the better stories and maybe photos I'll have for you later!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Awesome shopping trip

So the other day, I walked into a Claire's early on a weekday morning. The only people there were myself and a college-aged clerk. Perfect. After a greeting, I explained the reason for my visit -- that due to a lost bet, I would be spending Halloween as a teenybopper. As a matter of fact, I even produced a note in girlish handwriting from my sister explaining the situation. Nevermind that I don't have a sister.

What followed next was an excellent half-hour of shopping and discussion. We quickly picked out a bright blue bag/tote with neon accents, and after a bit of thinking the clerk settled on a color palette of bring blue, bright pink, and black. I explained the outfit that had been picked out, and we were off and running. Knee-high blue socks to off-set my pink Converse shoes. I tried out some sunglasses at her behest until she was happy with some pink frames that matched a necklace or two she picked out with me. She suggested at least three times that I buy a tutu...I didn't really go for it. I think she would have loved to see me try one on, but wasn't ready to push it that far. We picked out some neon pink nail polish...then some neon blue so we could go every other nail. Glitter mascara, bracelets, belts -- it was all coming fast and furious. It felt like an authentic teenage shopping spree.

When we got to the register, she expressed how much she wished she could see this all on me. When I offered to send a photo, she gave me the store's address...still will have to think about that. Mind you, I'm not planning on being a teenybopper for Halloween. That was just an excuse. But believe me that all the goods have been integrated into my collection. It was a totally awesome day!

Friday, October 1, 2010


One of Master's new interests is the archive of old Made episodes on MTV. Made is a show where unlikely teenagers express dreams, that through musical montages, practice, and expensive coaches, they come close enough to realizing to get a happy ending. They're laced with breakdowns, questioning, and unsupportive friends. A popular jock declares interest in becoming a tap dancer, or a slacker in graduating high school.

One popular trope is the tomboy wanting to learn something girly -- becoming a cheerleader, for example. Not only can I learn from some of the lessons the subjects undergo, but I can also learn from simply watching the subjects themselves. For example, one gothy girl who wanted to become a cheerleader was given an assignment that served to humiliate her in front of her friends -- she was to wear a sparkly cheer bow every day in school. Guess what is in my hair now?

For another example, check out this monologue introducing a girl who wanted to go from being a tomboy hockey player who tackles her crush in the hallway into a ballerina...

Every teenage girl loves the same thing. Cute boys, gossip, preppy boys, clothes, athletic boys, popular boys, creative boys, and oh yeah, boys. And at my high school the preppy, well-dressed girlie girls get all the love.

Master is thinking my very own Made episode would be fun to make...I want to be made into...a mallrat. Would be a lot of effort, but it would be something to watch.