Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cheerleaders in Competition, pt. III

As Andrew struggled out of his rather tight bondage in Lisa's basement, his brother's face was flushed red, as his pulse raced. Across town, sitting on a couch with Kylee, Kevin's night had quickly turned interesting, starting when Kylee looked at him from under her hair. "Kevin, I was wondering...I mean, me and my girls were...oh, nevermind. This feels awkward." Playfully yielding to Kevin's questions, Kylee eventually gave up that she and her friends had been wondering how their boyfriends would look in a bra. Well, except for Kylee -- "I'm between boyfriends right now," she purred -- but nobody had been "man enough" to try one on. "Someone with that amount of guts would be a real man. The kind that gets my...attention." A little smile, and an accidental brush with Kevin's shoulder, and it was like he was on remote control. In reality, the girls had long ago tired of playing at what they could make lovestruck admirers do for them. But it was a good line that a loser like Kevin wouldn't recognize.

Kevin's hold on masculinity was quickly overwhelmed by his desperation to prove himself to Kylee. "Tell you what, I don't have problem with it."


"No. Here...." Kylee stifled a laugh at Kevin's scrawny frame, which he was obviously trying to puff up. Instead, she went and gold a shining gold-colored bra. Kevin nervously stuck out his arms in front of him, and the thing was soon closed around him, and hooked in the back. Kylee took advantage of Kevin's disorientation to push the matching panties and even tights. The promise of a kiss painted his lips with playful pink lipgloss, but it was only when he balked at having his nails painted to match that it stopped being fun. "Wait, this is weird. Shouldn't we be studying, Kylee?"

And just like that, her kittenish look was replaced by the steel-eyed level stare that greeted anyone who dared challenge her supremacy in the social order. "Sweetie, do you see your clothing anywhere?"

"Uh, no. What did -- "

"So tell me, what do you think everyone will say if I tell them that Kevin George came into my room and begged, pleaded me to dress him up in my underwear? Let's say I have some pictures to back that much fun will the rest of senior year be for you?"

"What? What the hell are you talking about --" Kevin shifted uncomfortably, suddenly aware of vulnerable he looked and felt in this brief panty-and-bra outfit.

Kylee gave him the Android phone that had been a gift from an ex-boyfriend. "See how I've already sent this photo to someone? That person can send it to everyone, maybe print it up. Any maybe, just maybe, I have a web cam in this room..."

"What do you want from me? Can't I just change back and go?"

"Eventually." Kylee shook her head. "Bad news is, you're going to be a cheerleader for the night. Good news is, it could be much, much worse. It will be for your brother. Play nice, and nobody sees these photos..."

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cheerleaders in Competition, Part II

"You too?"

For Kevin to have been invited to Kylee's home for a study date Friday night was unbelievable...he'd carried a torch for her since he moved into town last month. But that his twin brother Andrew would score a study date with Lisa, the girl's soccer captain on the same night, was astounding. "Can you believe it, bro? Told you people would figure out how cool we were! I'll be doing with the cheer captain while you see how good Lisa's header really is! "

Kevin, not measurably brighter than his twin brother, started laughing when he finally puzzled out the double entendre. Their first instinct, to each buy a condom for the night, fizzled when neither had the courage to carry a box up to the cashier at the supermarket. Instead, the two had spent the last hour planning tonight, and trying to find a vending machine somewhere. They'd agreed to leave their retainers at home, and between them had used up half a tube of toothpaste to make sure their breath was fresh..."just in case".

Had they been born years ago, Kevin and Andrew would have been labeled the "Thompson Twins", as both cultivated a thin, rangy look with long blond hair. Kevin was the older by some eight minutes, and never missed a chance to lord it over his younger sibling. Though not particularly bright, the boys weren't dumb enough to get caught doing anything stupid by their parents, and had been trusted to hold the house down while Mom and Dad went off on a couples' weekend. Backpacks filled with books, and heads filled with dreams, rolled out on similar bicycles as Kevin and Andrew headed off for their "study date".

Kylee and Lisa had different plans to land their victims in their situations. Who's would prove more insidious?

The doorbell announcing Andrew's presence brought a smile to Lisa's face. Though not the all-American girl that Kylee was, she knew a giggle and a wiggle could reduce most boys in her high school into semi-slavery. She put on her best wide-eyed smile as she opened the door to Andrew.

"You're here! Thank goodness, 'cuz I just can't get what Mrs. Jefferson is talking about! Math is SOOO hard for a girl like me! Did you bring your stuff?"

Andrew offered what he believed was a worldly smile, but instead could be taken as a sign of poor digestion. "Yep, everything's here. Can I dump my bag..."

"I'll take it stud! Andrew, could you get me something to drink while I set up? There's some soda and...other the fridge downstairs. I'm sorry the light bulb is burned out, so you may need to feel your way around." Lisa flashed a patented over-the-shoulder smile paired with a shy head tilt.

Already dazed, Andrew took hold of the banister and picked his way down the stairs, determined not to seem anything short of a man's man with Lisa right there. "That's okay, Lees," (how she hated begin called Lees!) "I'm sure I can find--"

And with that, a line of fishing wire tripped up Andrew, and he landed on a soft mattress in the dark. He was a bit dazed, something that only increased as Lisa landed on top of him. Was she playing around, or was this an accident? Andrew fished around for a suave line designed to suggest a fun night ahead as the object of his worship rolled around on top of him, and offered little resistance as his wrists were gathered into a pair of handcuffs, and only started to realize things were going wrong as rope wound around his legs. "What are you doing, girl?"

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cheerleaders in Competition Pt. I

An idea for a story that's been kicking around in my head for a while. Tell me what you think of this opening, and I may continue it...

Lisa and Kylee were friends, best friends. Shared secrets and gossip, a long history of sleepover and makeovers, made them inseparable. But one perhaps wouldn't know it, as the two high school seniors found themselves falling again and again into the same argument...

"Sorry, Kylee, but it's just not the case. I mean, I know you and everyone on your squad practices a lot, but you're not athletes, not the way I am." Lisa had the big personality that cemented her role as captain of the girl's soccer team, but still wasn't quite enough to shut down Kylee.

"We are athletes, same as you! I do cardio, yoga, everything else. My cheer squad wins our competitions because we are so relentless. We are in such great shape, we're unstoppable. Flawless."

Lisa smiled. "Shameless, you mean. I know you're proud of being captain of your squad, but I've seen your routine. You smile at the judges, wiggle your tushes...blow kisses at the crowd. Hell, you wear makeup! What kind of athlete wears makeup!"

Kylee's pout would melt the heart of most any boy, and was at this point set fiercely. "As if you don't wear eyeliner when that cute college boy refs your games! We are athletes first, and cuties second! And anyone not on your half-lesbian soccer team would agree! I'd bet my captaincy on it!"

"You don't mean it!"

Kylee was a proud cheerleader. She did mean it. "We...are...athletes."

"Hah! You're on, girl! But let's make this more interesting." Lisa's interest was piqued. "I don't want you losing your captaincy, but it's so obvious that your squad is the only bunch in town that sees itself as athletes that I'll offer you this -- the winner gets first pick from our classmates for the senior prom. That way, no fighting!" Soccer player or not, Lisa's toned body meant that often enough Kylee was her only competition in the fast-paced world of dating at Tisdale High. Indeed, spats over boys had nearly fractured their friendship three times in high school.

"You're on...but how do we find a fair way to do it?"

Kylee and Lisa fell silent, each looking around. As was her wont, Kylee took to twisting her long blonde hair around her finger, a habit that had given her an "airhead" image around school sky-high grade had been unable to break. Lisa, meanwhile, chewed her lip absently. "What about your fundraiser?"

"What about it, Lisa?"

"Well...let's see. We take two girls on your make one over into an athlete, and I'll girlie the other one up into the boy-hungry toy she is at heart. They collect spare change in front of two supermakers...whoever collects the most money wins~"

Kylee smiled broadly at this suggestion. "Great idea! I'll take Yasmin and you get Norma!"

"No way, Kylee! Norma's barely a girl to begin with, even I can't work that much of a miracle. We both know she's only on the squad because her daddy pays for new uniforms and God knows what else every year. No, if you take Yasmin, I get Josee."

"Josee? The only girl I worry about for Prom Queen? She'll get tons of money from any boy who passes by. There's just no way to do this right. We both know whoever gets the cuter, more popular girl will win. What we need is--"

"--twins. And the only identical twins in school are Kevin and Andrew, those longhaired freaks who just moved here. They crushed the average cuteness rating of the senior class -- they barely look like guys! You know Andrew thinks you're cute, don't you Kylee?"

"As if, Lisa! He has no chance with me, just like Kevin's never gonna get with you, even though he goes to every girl's soccer game. Though with some work I could turn Andrew into a girl athlete...he's kinda thin..."

Lisa started nodding "and with the right makeup, I'd have Kevin the girlie girl that any boy would donate to... Do you think we could do it?"

The glint in Kylee's eye, the one that shone most when planning the downfall of a rival girl, gleamed. "Do what? Seduce these boys, and turn them into our dollies to settle this bet?"

"Yes. What do you say?"

"I'd say that Andrew's going to get a surprise text from me tonight...and have a miserable weekend coming up!"

Monday, November 15, 2010

The teevee

One thing Master did a long time ago to make sure that I didn't see anything "inappropriate" on tv was to activate the parental controls, and block a large number of channels from my cable choice. So even in my spare time, I'm not going to be able to watch many things I might want to watch, and since only he knows the code, I can't undo it. There are many channels that I'm not allowed to watch, as they focus on stuff girls like me don't need to know. On the blocked list, you have:

CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC, C-Span, regional news
Bloomberg, CNBC
SyFy, History

Basically, any learning, news, or sports. Master is further looking into the type of devices they use for sweeps that monitor television watching.

Worse still, there are times I've been expected to submit a written request to have a channel turned on. Mostly when ESPN shows Cheerleading championships can I watch such channels, though an occasional profile of a musician I am expected to like may come on a business channel. At such times, I may get permission to watch the show.

PS: Thanks for the kind words, Alyssa. I appreciate your comments...they help keep me going...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


"I have a new present for you." These are never happy words for me.

So, as so often, I was blindfolded, and guided into my room. Worst of all, it was a more subtle blindfold, not a big black scarf tied around my head, but rather a pair of stylish sunglasses with foam glued to the eyes that forced my eyes closed. So to the casual observer, I'm just silly and stylish, even though I can't see a thing.

So I'm in my room wondering about the present. For starters, my arm is draped around some...cardboard. Cardboard? Light laughter and a clicking sound of Master's camera accompany me, before I'm told to sit down, and look up and smile. Lean against this light cardboard...thing and smile.

So now, on top of everything else, I have a lifesize cardboard cutout of my celebrity crush standing in my room. And Master has a series of photos of me apparently hugging, idolizing, and generally snuggling with this cutout. Quite a present...

Friday, November 5, 2010


So I was a devil girl for Halloween...a flirty (some could think of another word, I imagine) devil girl, pink and black. As always, it was a bit of a nerve-wracking moment as I drove out to a college town hours distant from home, wondering if I'd actually go through with it, though this was my third year straight going "out and about" for Halloween.

I ended up changing in my car in a mall parking lot. It's sad how good I've gotten at changing in a car. I put the costume on head to toe, cycling in my female clothing and out my male clothing. The water balloon breasts, the belts around my midsection, the cute wig. I did my makeup from the foundation up, and made sure the wig was just right. The worst thing? Those damn glue-on super long nails. The only thing worse than the 15 minutes to glue them on properly was the 40 minutes to properly take them off at the end of the night. Eventually, as darkness fell, I was in costume. What do on this 40-degree night?

Well, Halloween is wasted without trick-or-treating. I did find a residential neighborhood near some dorms, hoping that the residents would be accustomed to seeing older people in costume. Maybe they'd think I was a college kid? Tough to tell under all the makeup, here's hoping. There's a bit of an art to it, as well, because the last thing a man needs is to be thought of creeping around a neighborhood filled with kids, so it was an endeavor to find a neighborhood largely deserted. A spot of candy the kids hadn't found yet. Eventually, I did find such a spot. My heels clicking on the ground, the ribbon sash at my waist swishing, the large wings glittering behind me...I was quite a sight. I could see my shadow in the streetlight, and it was almost enough to make it work, as my devil tail swung lazily as I walked, slowly looping side to side.

House one...had a candy dish outside with a note. House two looked much better. I nervously minced down the brick sidewalk...only to find the same deal. House three? Another unattended dish. I was surprised they hadn't been emptied out. Finally, house four had a door. I rang the bell, and a dog went nuts. I'm standing there, silhouetted by the light coming through, wondering if the resident is waiting me out. Eventually, a woman comes to the door...and plays it straight. I smile and declare "trick or treat", and she merely goes through her candy dish. She drops off a few selections in my pale pink candy bucket, and closes the door. No word on my costume. Heck, she barely saw my curtsey. I don't think she was put off, but given her accent I suspect that she was new to the country and gamely trying to deal with the bizarre American tradition that was Halloween.

I got more satisfaction at the supermarket where I bought some...angel food cake mix. I waited in line with my pink purse, pitchfork, and selection. The cashier smiled broadly, telling my that my costume was "intense". A fellow customer, a tough-looking Hispanic guy, said I "won the prize" (was he coming on to me?) Later on, at another supermarket where I fought some devil's food cake mix, I heard a gasp of laughter behind me with a small voice saying "what is that costume, mommy?" I ended up at the self-serve checkout, but could feel people's eyes behind me.

In McDonald's, I got the usual disbelieving smiles before a bunny girl told me how much she loved my costume and insisted on a photo. My wings clipped a display on the way by, bringing it down. Whoops! Similar thumbs-up in Walmart. Frankly, the main disappointment was waiting in line at Walmart, when somebody was getting his stuff together, and tells the cashier "why don't you let this guy go first". This guy? Don't you see the glittery skirt?

One final run into a Domino's, where a cashier was nearly hysterical with laughter, and I called it a night. I did pose for increasingly flirtateous self-pics in a parking lot (and no, you may not see them). Overall, it was a wonderful experience, but again I hope that someday someone comes along to push me further. I did walk down a street in the chill...but I'd love to pose there. Do my makeup outside. Try to get photos with people. Maybe next year. Another legacy of the episode are the two ferocious blisters on my toes. Shoes, not the best fit.

PS: One fun thing is to see how people on YouTube describe their costumes...a few girls/women there are my idols.. "this year I'm a slutty pirate"..."this skirt is super super short"..."I look so cute!"...

Monday, November 1, 2010


Halloween was great, as usual. Seriously, anyone out there who likes to crossdress, there is no better time than Halloween. People who would sneer on the other 364 days of that year, smile on Halloween. You're not a freak -- you're brave. You're not queer -- you're courageous. The more over-the-top you go, the closer you come to wearing your fantasy outfit (I mean, look at mine), the better you'll be received.

Start planning now.

I'll tell you about mine soon.