Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dear Santa

I've been a "good" girl this year. May I please have...

These sheets
This top
A subscription to this magazine
And this one
I so need this phone
And this makeup
A gift card here would work too
And this top
And these shoes
These earrings too
This is too cute not to have

This is my top eleven....more soon Santa!

PS: This too ;)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cheerleaders in Competition, Part V

"Try again".

Kevin put on the empty smile he'd been forced to practice in front of a videocamera for the last half-hour. "Hi! Can you help my cheer squad get to --"

"Not cheer squad. Just squad. You're not a bimbo, Kimmy. Anyone looking at you can tell you're a cheerleader." Kylee shook her head, eyes narrowing in the rear-view mirror.

Sitting in the backseat, Kevin had to admit that she was right. Though not as bad as Andrew's outfit would be, Kevin was a far cry from male as well. His newly-padded chest jutted out the "Tisdale Cheer" legend across his yellow top. His newly-shaven legs peeked out from under very short red Soffee shorts that read "Cheer!" on the rear, complete with question mark. A t-shirt and shorts was Kylee's idea of "athletic wear" -- she told him quite seriously that she would never allow one of "her girls" to fundraise without a skirt on. Given that she was proving a point about the athletic side of her sport, though, she was prepared to make one exception tonight.

Kevin cleared his throat, also sweeping a tendril of hair from out of his eyes. "Hi! Can you help my squad go to the regionals? We're raising money for the trip!"

"Not bad, Kimmy....but you keep dropping the smile. An unhappy Kimmy is a lonely Kimmy. It's a long walk back from the supermarket. Try again..."

As Kevin tried again to get his lines down, he couldn't help licking his lips in nervousness, particularly as the car pulled into the parking lot. It was Saturday night, so the business was light at the store, but he still felt amazingly marked. Of course, he was -- cheerleaders are dressed to attract attention, and Kevin's unseasonably tiny red-and-gold outfit marked him out assuredly. Particularly as he took his post by the exterior door, can in hand.

No time like the present. A solitary girl behind heavy-framed glasses came out of the store, and Kevin painted on a smile, trying desperately to ignore Kylee's broad smile adn obvious camera recording the whole scene. "Hi! Can you help my squad go to the regionals? We're raising money for the trip!"

The girl stopped. "Your...squad? What type of, 'squad'?"

Oh, my cheer squad! Kevin nodded, hyper-aware of his jaunty ponytail bouncing behind his head.

"Oh, so I should give up my hard-earned money to enforce the patriarchy?" The girl's eyes narrowed, and patchouli oil drifted from her.

"The..what?" This wasn't in the script, and for once Kylee seemed less then sure of herself.

The girl leaned in. "Listen...whoever you are. I want you to bring a message back to your 'squad'. Can you do that?"


"There are millions of women who work hard to get respect, to be seen for the equals we are in math, science, and all fields around the country. And do you know what makes it hard? Girls like you. Airheaded, boy-chasing, ever-smiling fakes who tax their tiny intellect to remember some chant to use as you flirt with the crowd in a meaningless game. Am I really supposed to respect you as an athlete? You make me sick!"

Kevin stood there, as a silence went on for three, four seconds. His mouth slightly open, he was aware he'd tapped into a torrent of bile that really had little to do with him. He wasn't sure ifhis first "customer" was going to break down in tears, or punch him in the stomach when she suddenly took off running. His eyes followed until a sigh from Kylee brought him back.

"I swear, ever since the local college started offering a 'womyn's studies' major, this has been happening more and more..."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still here....

....just incredibly sick. I'll continue the story (which I accidentally deleted) soon...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cheerleaders in Competition, Pt. 4

Andrew would haven given up much to be in Kevin's position. While Kevin would end up in feminine threads, Andrew's were clearly going to be much worse. Tied up as he was, he had little ability to keep Lisa from starting in on him -- cutting away his clothing, and ridding him of any body hair. With a shocking pink tube top pulled over him and some cursory makeup, enough snapshots were already in the bank that Andrew had proven very pliable.

Andrew emerged from Lisa's preparation a far cry from who he was. She was determined to prove her point that people saw cheerleaders as little bimbos, and had dressed him just decently enough not to get thrown out of a supermarket. Large water balloon breasts were barely contained by a pink bra, whose straps showed on his bare shoulders. A tight white tank top with the words "Warrior Cheerleaders! Red and gold pride, totally cute backside, proud to make noise, love to watch the boys" in gold sparkle stretched across his chest and down his front. A sliver of midriff showed above the pleated red and gold cheerleader skirt that swung from his waist. His fingernails were also gold, though his toes were hidden by white athletic shoes. Andrew's hair was in twin ponytails bobbing alongside either head. His eyes had been covered in shining yellow eyeshadow, and his lips were a pulsating, slick pink color. Per instructions, he was chomping on a cube of bubble gum that reflected the scent that he'd been sprayed down with.

"I feel ridiculous".

"I know, Andrew, and that's obvious. This just isn't doing it for me. You need to get comfortable looking like this. Put a smile on. Bigger. Would you like to see a photo of what your brother looks like right now?"

Andrew couldn't help himself, and laughed. *flash* " you he think he'd look cute in a skirt?" Again, Andrew couldn't help smiling. With a mix of teasing and flirting, Andrew got more comfortable, not least of all because he'd never seen what he looked like from head to toe. He looked like a minx...

"Okay, one more...I need one more pic, Andrew...I need you to blow the camera a kiss."

"Like hell!"

Lisa smiled at this point. She was in control, and apparently was going to have to prove it...