Monday, February 28, 2011


Maybe it's coincidence that he decided that I needed to make this purchase at "Dick's Sporting Goods" and not some other store. I mean, buying a couple t-shirts for Master could have been done anywhere, but he chose to drive us there. Just a couple of guys...really. I was in all male clothing, and sure someone with a sharp sense of judgment could possibly detect my girlish deodorant. For sure they couldn't make out my polished toes inside my sneakers.

So when I got in line, Master ostensibly checking out some shoes a dozen feet or way or so, I gave a standard smile as I put the t-shirts on the counter. Beep - beep. $20.47, tax included. No problem...I reached into my left front pocket...

There was a problem. I didn't feel my regular cowhide wallet. What I felt was furry. Standing there, people in line behind me, and I didn't have my wallet. I had Ashlee's wallet -- a pink fuzzy thing with "princess" embroidered in dark pink. A special from Claire's.

What to do? I had to pay...I knew that much. So I awkwardly took out the wallet, my face probably as pink as the billfold. And counted out 21 1-dollar bills.

The cashier didn't say anything, but from his grin, he knew. He'd noticed. For all I know, everyone noticed.

Thankfully he wasn't there a week later when I had to return the shirts. Master didn't like the colors, I found out.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meet Dr. Jekyll

After an early dinner today, Master told me "put on the new shirt I bought you. We're going for a ride."

Oookay. A little abrupt, but that's how Master can be. The shirt in question was on odd one, hot pink, and with a higher midriff than I normally like. Of course, that doesn't matter, so I pulled it on, along with a pair of jeans and some cute flats. I grabbed my purse of course, and walked with him to the garage, getting into the passenger seat (I don't drive with Master of course. Actually, he periodically threatens to cut up my license). I'm so used to my role that I didn't even protest when he slipped a sleep mask that read "kiss me" around my eyes, blindfolding me yet again.

It was a long, long ride. About 45 minutes I'd guess? I had my iPod filled with all sorts of "appropriate" music and messages to keep my entertained, blowing gum bubbles as we went. I felt us get off a highway, then a few minutes more drive along a roadway before we stopped and Master shut down my iPod. "Let's go".

In times past, I've been brought somewhere blindfolded, and the destination revealed. Not this time. Master took my elbow as I clutched my purse, and I felt a door open and I stepped over a threshold. It smelled...odd. Like lots of cleaner. That surprise was nothing compared to what happened next.

"Glad you could make it! And this must be little Ashlee. You were right, she is adorable. Hi Ashllee!" It was the voice of another man. I didn't know who he was, where we were, and I was freaking out. My palms started to sweat a little, and it was only due to a nudge from Master that I had the presence "um...hi."

"Oh, she's nervous, poor thing. Well --" and I heard him redirect his voice to me -- "This will be quick and I promise that this will be painless. No problem at all, or my name isn't Dr. Jekyll. Now give me your hand and I'll help you along."

I knew darn well that his name wasn't Dr. Jekyll, even if "Ashlee" wouldn't. I was very, very close to using a safe word, and finding some way some how to get home as Dr. Jekyll pulled through another doorway and helped me onto a chair. If the more...stale smell hadn't precluded the possibility of a tattoo parlor I'd have high-tailed it out of there. With his prodding, I swung up my legs and rotated so I was sitting forward...and the chair began to recline back further and further, going somewhat horizontal with me facing upward.

"Open wide."

Mouth or legs? I hoped he didn't think I was that kind of girl, so I opened my mouth. I soon felt rubber-coated fingers pulling my lips down as a bright light shone into my blindfold. " That is a cute sleeping mask, Ashlee. Now just relax." I felt things, tools, probing my mouth. "Hm.. Okay. I'll be right back."

Something heavy was laid down on top of me, like a really thick blanket. I bit done on a piece of cardboard, heard a few clicks, and then it happened again. Master and Dr. Jekyll had a whispered conversation.

And just like that it was over.

"Good job, Ashlee! I'm proud of what a brave girl you were!" Dr. Jekyll's hand stayed on my shoulder a beat too long, before he told Master "Two weeks, I figure, more or less."

Master took me again by the elbow, and much to my relief, we were back in the car. About ten minutes later, we were back on the way home. My blindfold was off.

I almost sweated through my deodorant from nerves. And I wonder what's happening in two weeks...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Questions answered

I'm pleased that people took advantage of my "ask me anything" post earlier this month. Gives me impetus to do it more often. Thanks for everyone who played, and now to the questions:

What were you like before you met your Master? Were you a burly man's man? ;) -Alyssa

Depends on who you ask. I wasn't "burly" though I love burritos more than I should, but most people would be shocked that this site of me exists. The main difference Master has made in me isn't my physical or emotional side. Between his ability to command and my willingness to obey, I've become a lot more ready to "go along" with things...I'm getting bad at saying no.

You seem to undertake a lot of conditioning at your Master's command, but with the end goal of a ditzy teen girl, have you ever considered hypnosis or other 'out there' methods to reach that ditzy goal? -Crow

Well, we did try some hypnotic videos and mp3s, to no good. In my male guise, I've taken assessments that conclude that my mental type is rather difficult to hypnotize. I'm no master, but I've done enough meditation to have a lot of control over myself. A professional could make a difference, so that may still be tried. I'm not sure what other methods you mean. I do often drift to sleep with "proper" messages playing throughout the night on my sound system. There was a time when I would be relaxed by drinking a bit before play, but that's not really necessary anymore. Was a time that Master put ground up aspirin in my meal so that I got drunk very easily on a wine cooler...he loves that I'm a lightweight.

Has your master ever had you interact with other "teens"(real or manufactured)? If so what was that experience like? -Summer

Certainly nothing real. Never that. As for manufactured, Master and I got involved partially because he was so happy to find someone like me...apparently my femme age range is rare and unusual. I suspect he's been casting about for either a BFF or BF, and has recently talked about finding another Master or Mistress who might enjoy putting a slave in that position. Stay tuned...

Thursday, February 17, 2011


As mentioned earlier, I do a lot of caption work at Rachel's Haven, a website I strongly recommend for excellent captions to suit all tastes. There are dozens of contributors adding content, a rich archive, and it's free to join -- though donations are welcome and I recommend it. I do mine under the handle "TotalDitz", and a sample is given below...unfortunately bandwidth limits mean I can only show a simpler one (blurry to boot!) rather than the better stuff I can over at RH. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


A recent assignment was to invent a game that I could play at a Valentine's dance. I came up with FLIRT, even though you can play that at any dance. It's like bingo, you have to get five in a row. Except the letters are f-l-i-r-t instead. Each girl gets a card...I've included a sample below.

Make a boy fetch you a drinkDance with a boy who has your initialsDance where the DJ is for one songGet a photo with the janitorGet one guy to slow dance with another guy
Write your name on a boy's foreheadMake a boy let you put lipstick on himGo out the door of the school and sneak back inHold hands with two boys at onceBe in a photo with ten other people
Get a massage from a boyGet a boy to dedicate a song to youLove is in the air!
Do a line dance with your top inside outDedicate a song to yourself
Get 3 phone numbersShow your bra strap for two songsWear a sign that says "single"for half an hourMake a boy give you gumMake a boy hold your purse while you dance one song
Hook up two people who don't want to danceCheck your makeup while a boy holds the mirror for youIntroduce yourself to two boys with a fake name"Forget" your shoes in the bathroomLip kiss while dancing

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Really really?

Quite a moment yesterday. It all started innocently enough...I was reading "Boys R Us" when Master asked me, "so do you really like Tyler?" Tyler is the name of my crush this month, one I spend hours writing notes about and in my diary. "Yes" I sigh, as I've been taught, staring into the ceiling and giggling.



"Really really?"

"Yes! Totally!"

"Then you don't mind who knows it, do you?"

This was a new question, but I knew the answer was of course not. Except Tyler, naturally. Suddenly, things were moving. I was in some casual clothing including the jeans shown. I was to put on my jacket (also shown), then piled in the car. After a bit of time, I was blindfolded.

Finally, several turns later, we come to a stop, and I feel master put a piece of paper and what felt like a large pen in my hand. "Get out, read the paper, and you'll know what to do." I've done this before, and the fright of not knowing what's going to happen is intense. Granted, it was pretty late at night, but nevertheless...

So I stumble out of the car, and of course it glides away as I'm taking off the blindfold. And I read this: "Write 'AH <3 TG' on the side of McDonald's". In my other hand? A large sharpie marker.

Looking around and trembling a little, I creep across the parking lot. I see Master parked across the street. Are there cameras on? Will I get in trouble?

Well, I knew I didn't want to walk home, so I did it, heart racing. Big enough to be seen by him. I put the marker in my pocket and double-walked, waiting to cross the street until the traffic cleared.

My heart was pounding so much it gave me a headache. I also felt completely humiliated.

Especially when I sat in the car as he got me a Happy Meal three out of the next four days, and I saw my lovestruck graffiti there....also seen by thousands of others.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ask me anything

Stealing from a blog I regularly read, today is "Ask me Anything" day. Nothing is off limits...ask in the comments I'll answer in a future post!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cheerleaders in Competition, Part VII

"...eighty-five, eighty-six, eighty-seven! Your little athlete tramp raised $56.87, three dollars less than my girl Kimmy! This proves that people see cheerleading as a sport, doesn't it Lisa?"

As Andrew and Kevin stood uncomfortably in Kylee's kitchen, thoroughly used to being referred to as girls at this point in the evening, Lisa frowned then nodded. "You're right Kylee. I guess I was wrong."

"Of course you're wrong! But I'm not a cruel person. Here's forty dollars for your team to buy some soccer balls or something. As for me, it's probably time to start calling up Ryan, and getting him used to liking me. He's gonna make such a cute prom date!"

Andrew cleared his throat. "Uh, what about us?"

"You two are still here? Shouldn't you like go home or something?"

"Like this?"

Lisa and Kylee looked at each and smiled. "Of course...have a fun trip home..."

Ryan simply couldn't believe it. He always knew that as a popular guy he'd have his pick of the hottest girl is school to take to the prom, but his date sizzled. A tight pink dress showed off all the right curves, and it was as if the girl had sucked in every piece of information he'd dropped since they started dating. Heads were going to turn as soon as they made their entrance.

Taking his lady by the hand, he inhaled the sweet and spicy perfume of Victoria's Secret Pink and led her into the lobby of the local Marriott. Heads turned...the guys staring at his date with eyes wide, the girls with eyes narrowed. Ryan immediately steered them to a friend.

"Hi Kylee! You know Ashleigh, right?..."