Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ask me anything

How weird am I that I see a top with potential to be part of a Halloween costume half a year down the road, and buy it on that basis?

Been a coupla months since we did this -- go ahead, ask me anything! Nothing is off limits.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Music source

In my quest to ever deepen my true me, Master has discovered a new resource -- Ark Music Factory. Ark is a "vanity music video" company that for $4,000 will write a sugary pop ballad for a girl like me, produce a slick music video, and publish it. Click here to see the videos and music...and hear my new playlist. Anyone wanna guess my fave??

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Girl I'd Like to Be: Barbershop Girl

You're waiting to get your haircut. You're complaining about your college bracket being ruined by VCU, the NFL lockout, or something else. A bunch of guys being a bunch of guys. Except you, like everyone else, occasionally let your eyes slide over to her. Her. She's the girl that belongs to the guy getting the haircut. She's too uncomfortable in this male-dominated zone, but too loyal or dependent to leave. Instead, she pretends she's not aware of the eyes tracing up her short shorts, as she texts her friends. The boyfriend is in the chair, aware of the stares, but it's a compliment. A way of saying "Hey, your little coed honey is pretty hot." She feels them. You can tell by the way she moves to hunch up her low top, but stops herself so nobody notices.

She has no place there. It's chum in a shark tank and everyone knows it. But a girl like that doesn't leave her boyfriend.

I wouldn't mind being that girl.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

For bad typing

For cruel masters -- one way to make sure your sub types like an idiot is to pry of all the keys on the keyboard and move them around. Now the best typist hunts and pecks while still spelling everything wrong -- particularly if she's wearing nail extensions.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rivalry weekend outcome

Well, the Red Sox won one game out of three against the Yankees....and nobody predicted 1 out of 3 in my rivalry weekend challenge! Sadly, only two even tried, so I don't have any challenges to fulfill. Maybe next time people will have ideas for more adventures when the Yanks come to town...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It doesn't take anything for my to get my guard up anymore. Any little thing can happen.

So yesterday, I'm wearing my outfit for the day -- a slightly too-tight white tank top, and pink denim short shorts. Much to my confusion, Master told me to have a second helping of salad (I don't eat meat around Master anymore -- he's made me a vegetarian). I was confused, but grateful. I felt just right, finishing off the dishes. Master put his hands on my hips and said "I have to go out...I figure you probably want your privacy on a night like this."

A night like this? Like what? Was I starting a period? What? My mind churned as I did the dishes, and walked into the living room.

I found a note from Master. "Dear Ashlee, so sorry that Tyler rejected you today...I know you had a huge crush on him. I know how you deal with this sometimes and wanted to give you some privacy. Enjoy your movie, and then I know you'll be off to your room." Underneath the note was a full tray of brownies with gooey fudge frosting -- and a note reading "no napkins necessary :)" as well as a DVD of the teen chick flick "John Tucker Must Die".

After putting the DVD in, I knew what that note meant. It meant I was to slouch down in the chair and eat the whole thing of brownies like any girl would after being rejected, no doubt to be finished off with the chocolate shake. And the no napkins remark had a clear intent as well -- I'd be acting like a little piggy.

I was breathing a little heavily by the end of the movie. Too much chocolate. God knows how I looked -- I knew that there were a few chocolate smudges on my chest, ruining the white tank top. No doubt some around my mouth as well, and my fingers certainly smelled of it. I got up when the movie ended, feeling bloated and disgusting, ready to head into my room to fill in a quiz about the movie.

Except that's now what Master had left. No, he'd left directions for me to do a video diary. Taking advantage of the heaviness he'd set me up to feel, it was to include my complaints about how fat I was and what a pig I was and no wonder no boys wanted to go out with me. Looking into the camera, no doubt looking like a little face-stuffing girlie, I whined about how unpopular I was and it was my own fault anyway for being so fat I mean look at me, etc.

The scariest thing was about halfway through, I felt it. Really felt it. Felt like a saddened girl who had resorted to chocolate and hated herself for it. It felt real -- and it was all on tape.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Girl I'd Like to Be: Single Girl

A shrewd observer can see it; the single girl. In a group of both genders, some dozen people, the single girl sticks out. Sure, there my be a couple mixed in or two, but there's always the single girl -- maybe just out of a relationship, maybe not finding the right guy yet, but definitely single. She's the one with a guy walking alongside to the left and the right. The one who's carried around, screaming and smiling. The one with her arm around someone -- flirting, teasing. The single girl in the group, the center of the social solar system. The prize.

I wish I could have been her just once.

Monday, April 4, 2011

That's me!

As earlier, intimated, I was trying to find a way to get into a prom gown. Considering and rejecting several things, I just told the very professional manager of a mall boutique I wanted some pictures of me in a "prom princess" gown to help a friend who was doing a photography project on gender roles.

Acting as if it was the most natural thing in the world, the manager walked me over the section, looking around, before finding the lovely thing on the right, tiered pink fabric with rhinestones that hugged my legs as I walked. I loved having it on, posing for photos with it in public as the salesgirl took them right in the shoe section. I only regret I didn't have time, or help to get the gloves, tiara, and whole outfit. Still it was a great rush!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just kidding!

Of course, it was April Fool! A girl like me loves not having to think that hard about stupid stuff but instead focus on important stuff crushes and cute outfits. I have a fun post coming up this month relating a real life sure to look out for it! Also, I'm jonesin' to write fiction again. Any ideas?

I'm going to keep going especially since March was my second-best month ever thanks to all you guys! I appreciate the links from Sissy Karen and A Submissive Sissy and anyone else. Above all, I can only keep this going with comments. So Crow, Alyssa, Terri, Lindsay, Summer, Susan Rhodes, Heathyr, and everyone I've forgotten, thank you! Anonymouses, all of you, thank you. The only thing that gives me ideas and enjoyment is your interaction...and all my readers who haven't commented, please share your opinion. I am sad that after about 30,000 page views, I have under 170 total comments. It gives me motivation and inspiration...and without that, this blog would've died a long, long time ago.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I've had it

I can't do it anymore. The constant texting.
The whining and obsessing about boys.
Redoing my nails every day, if not more often.
Avoiding long words and complex sentences.
Memorizing arcana about "celebrities" I'll never meet and never respect.
The humiliation of wearing clothing designed for someone half my age and size.
Having to act, dress, talk, and even think like an intellectual and moral lightweight.

I quit.