Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Well, last night was one of those nights. Decided to dress up and see what would happen. As I've discussed before, the puzzle is always to find that sweet spot I desire of humiliation without it turning into threatening. Thought I'd come up with something clever. See, what I did was this -- as described in my account of an earlier visit, I pre-called a pizza place. Not only did I tell them somebody dressed en femme would be coming, but he would "accidentally" not have been given enough money. The cashier, at my urging, promised to come up with some way "he" could earn the extra money he'd owe -- some errands, a bit of side work, singing and dancing, etc. It was an adorable outfit -- I've discovered crop tees (don't worry, there was a layer underneath) and clip-on earrings.

So I come into the place and receive the usual bemused attempts at sympathy -- and nothing. The short money is never mentioned. I'm given my order and bid a good night.

What the heck? Do I have to be ruder, more arrogant in order to get some humiliation? Am I asking too much to expect an employee to do this? It's a perversion of the semi-subservient relationship. Admittedly, were the roles switched I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be in taking advantage of a person. May just take a certain personality type not found in national-chain pizza places. Maybe I should I walk into a McDonald's loaded with customers and take my chances. I don't know. (Not to deny that Erin's idea of a "gift list" wouldn't be a bad one...but where's the fun in doing the picking myself???)

It might reasonable to simply say that I should find a dom/me who shares enjoyment of these situations and start spending time with her/him. Well, this week marks the nth "dom/me" who made big promises in a conversation, and has disappeared since. I'm getting tired of people declaring themselves Masters or Mistresses who don't have the attention span that exceeds a few hours. They can't master themselves, why should I think they could handle me?


Monday, June 27, 2011


You asked, and you receive. Following my readers' selection of punishment, I went into a Claire's I have visited before with a note. It read that having lost a bet (of course), my sister decided to have me spend at least $50 at a local Claire's for "a summer look good for a Justin Bie ber concert". The sales manager laughed and dove right in.

In my ongoing quest to figure out how best to set these things up, I went in a new direction. Perhaps people would be more...willing to try things out if they see how willing I was. So I got out an old shirt that reads "I got an A+ in shopping" in pink across the chest to make it easier to see me as a victim, and to accept me as willing to play along. And that she did.

The only negative was that she kept saying how much "her girls" -- the other staff members -- would have enjoyed this more. How they would have gone to the clearance rack to load me up on stuff and would have made it more miserable and how lucky I was to get her. I don't really think that was a good thing, but in any case...

We went first to try on some magnetic earrings that she tried on and made sure stayed in. Huge cubic zirconium. Then the Bie ber rack. She made me switch my Patriots hat with one with his name on it. It was a great moment, handing me the hat and looking expectantly. I did what was expected, replacing one hat for the other...and when I worried out loud that it might not fit, she insisted. This was supplemented by a "dog-tag" necklace featuring his portrait. Then she grabbed some nail polish, sparkly blue. She was laughing the whole time, as another customer waited her turn. Finally, after looking around, she settled on some "nerd glasses" in thick black frames. She did ask my preferred color, and when I said red, was promptly ignored. Then best of all, she insisted I look at myself in the mirror.

I paid and left. I love Claire's. Thanks for bossing me around readers....we'll do it again sometime soon!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A proper punishment

As alluded to earlier, I've been a bad girl keeping up this blog, and I deserve punishment.

I've listed art right three possibilities, and it's you the readers who will decide. They are:

-A shopping adventure en femme. These tend to be limited (McDonald's, etc.) excursions in my teeniest, trendiest attire
-A shopping adventure for femme. Wherein I buy and try on whatever I'm told to by sales staff following some ridiculous bet/deal scenario I explain.
-Photo set. A set of me in my teeny glory, perhaps holding up certain signs, etc., in an outdoor, public locale.
-Caption set. A few captions I create for my readers here, before posting them on Rachel's Haven.

What do you believe is my proper task?

PS: In July, blogging will resume, hopefully.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I've been a bad girl

My stupid boy life has pushed out my girl side, and I've been slipping on this blog. And probably will for another week.

I need a real-life punishment. I do have a week off coming up, and probably should spend some afternoon being humiliated, and then sharing the circumstances with everyone here. Including any photos. But how...