Friday, September 30, 2011


Cuffs don't need keys. Look below to see the two bracelets I've been wearing night and day for three weeks now. They're a little tight, so every time I move my arm I remember them. Everytime I blind myself with one of those rings I remember them. I'm trapped, and no key will free me...
(Oh, and underneath where it says "Call me"? It says "text me".)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Final Four

Got it down to a final four. Here are the ones I'm considering...

Convict. A white and black striped chest and leggings, black sparkly torso down to mid thighs. Matching pillbox hat. I'd probably add some collar and ribbon in pink, and even stencil "Department of Correction Flirtation" on the back in pink. The biggest plus on this costume is the idea of walking around with a handcuff attached to one wrist, the other open. If anyone asked, I'd say my girlfriend tried to cuff me, but was too stupid to do it right. I'd have keys sewn onto the back shoulder, so if anyone tried to complete the job I'd be truly helpless.

Clown. White shoulder wrap and leggings in a riot of pinks. Pink tank top and miniskirt with all sorts of pink and white fabrics sewn on in ruffles. Tiny hat with pom poms perched on some pigtails. Maybe pink lipstick on my mouth done in the shape of a kiss, and "clowns need luv 2" written on the back. Biggest plus is the abject humiliation and silliness of the costume. Talk about girlish, yet flirty...

Sailor Girl. A short skirt, silly floppy bow, and pure white to stand out at night type. And that little cap that perches on my hair. Does anything say "for the boys' amusement" than a sailor girl costume? Maybe I could get a photo of me on a boat!

Cheerleader. Duh.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

What do you have to say?

Hey, there's a new layout. So....comments? Questions? Ideas? Leave 'em here...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

So not fair

When Master said I could buy 3 diff. book bags for back to skool I was so excited! I got a cute lil one that says "Peace", a fly neon leopard skin print over-the-shoulder, and this hot black Bie ber bag! It was exciting cos now whatever I wore my bag would match. I wouldn't be one of those losers carrying the same ol bag wit her everyday! Sweet!

Then stupid Master decides I have "homework" and one day I had it in my other bag! I was like ill get it right away -- I'd actually done it too! -- but he said no. Instead, I was in stupid detention for like ever, staring at the clock and doin nothing. I missed a show! It was so not fair.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Boring adults don't get it

The shirt I so loved on earlier is some big deal for some old boring adults, I guess.

Some ugly girl on a computer said "It’s a big deal because there is still this childish perception — among females AND males – that girls can’t do math." More hating on cuteness here.

No, the truth is pretty girls don't have to do math...that's what boys are for!

Get some fashion sense, dateless prudes.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Holy cow!

I'm not sure why, but the number of visitors and followers of this blog have stepped up recently. I'm aware of some people kindly linking to this page, and I' d like to name them. I still write this mainly for me and my own interests (though always up to talk to anyone looking to make it a reality!), and I'm humbled so many of you have chosen to come along for the ride. A thank you to you, and to the websites that have linked to me recently:

World of TG
Submitting to Mistress Sebrina
A Submissive Sissy

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What have I done?

Perhaps one of the most humiliating photo series Master ever did of me just happened, and I feel a need to relate. It wasn't the clothing -- not some cheer uniform or dance costume. No, I wore a simple white tank top, blue shorts that said "sweet" across the rear, and a couple bracelets and nail polish. It was the poses...the meaning. I'll describe it for you:

First shot...from behind. Me sitting upright in my bed, head in my hands. You see Spirit on the bed, and my pink nails, that's it.

Second shot...the worst one. In the bathroom, from the side of me looking in the mirror. In front of me on the sink are two bottles of Smirnoff Ice and a bra hanging from the mirror.

And the worst shot. The one that humiliated me. From above, with me sitting on the bathside, head down. You see the crown of my head, a couple bracelets, and my pink nails holding a pregnancy test.

How do I know these details so well? Because Master turned them into a poster entitled "Think!" that is hanging in my room. A warning and reminder for a girl like me I guess. But the scariest part? For a second, a brief glimpse of time, I genuinely worried how the test was going to come back...

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Crude to quote myself, but today I'm going to go back to a favorite subject of mine...

As students file back to school in early September, for many "girls like me" part of life is the initiation! Due to being a freshman, a rookie, a transfer, or whatever, it's time to go through the humiliation of being bossed around by older girls...recorded in photo and video form. Laughing upperclassmen watch as you're paraded around, perform at lunch, ask boys to marry you, and all manner of horrid trials...So you can belong to a clique that will turn on you in a second. So you have a label. A girl like you and me wouldn't have it any other way.
Girls like me tremble at the idea of rookie initiation. After lots of practice, I finally made the cheer squad. I'm not going to turn it down over one stupid initiation, even though I'm totally going to feel like dying by the end of it. What will I have to do? Suck a pacifier and wear a diaper around the mall? Sing "I'm a Little Teapot" in front of Walmart? Wear a bikini as my squadmates circle areas of baby fat in marker?

And it's called fun.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Any decent flirting guide tells a girl to be interested in what boys care about. With that in mind, and with Master's guidance, I present to you three graphics that show my excitement about NFL kickoff. I made each myself!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The perfect costume...

I have some ideas, but will run a poll based on suggestions here.

But when I try to pick out a costume, here are some things I consider. Happily, they're often considered by the manufacturers as well....

-Something for a teen girl. Flirty, not slutty. Silly and sassy.
-A skirt, flowy and/or short.
-Girlish colors, pink and/or white work best.
-A girlish take on a boyish archetype. As in baseball or pirate. The girlish take is delicate, laughable, and weak. You couldn't play baseball in any of those costumes.
-Little bows, buckles, etc. Hard to move around in.
-Props I'd have to carry.
-Odd makeup/decor on my hair or face. A part of my costume that I can't see and could forget.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I own five watches. One is a cheap metal and rhinestone one that is supposed to look classy. Another is a bright pink plastic one. Yet another is a rubber/silicon bracelet with Justin Bie ber's name around the band. Naturally. So it's a good range that goes with most of my outfits.

Yet none of them work. Why should they? It's just "for the look" as Master likes to say. To look cute, and besides a girl like me struggles with any type of timepiece with hands.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

'Tis the season

Nothing thrills me as much as Halloween. When I can unreservedly be myself. I'll have a lot to say on the subject, but I'll start with some reflections on past years. Reports from the last three years can be found here (honey bee), here (devil girl - photo) and here (Strawberry Shortcake). I have a fictional story on the subject you can find here, too. They've been uniformly positive experiences, and this year I MUST push myself further out there. Awkward though, as Halloween is on a Monday. Do I celebrate that day, or the Saturday before??

How should I spend the day, what should my costume be? What would you want to hear/see about my adventures. Throw something in the comments if you like, and more on this to come soon...

While that ruminates, please vote in the poll in the upper right for what slogan my blog will adopt!