Thursday, September 15, 2011

What have I done?

Perhaps one of the most humiliating photo series Master ever did of me just happened, and I feel a need to relate. It wasn't the clothing -- not some cheer uniform or dance costume. No, I wore a simple white tank top, blue shorts that said "sweet" across the rear, and a couple bracelets and nail polish. It was the poses...the meaning. I'll describe it for you:

First shot...from behind. Me sitting upright in my bed, head in my hands. You see Spirit on the bed, and my pink nails, that's it.

Second shot...the worst one. In the bathroom, from the side of me looking in the mirror. In front of me on the sink are two bottles of Smirnoff Ice and a bra hanging from the mirror.

And the worst shot. The one that humiliated me. From above, with me sitting on the bathside, head down. You see the crown of my head, a couple bracelets, and my pink nails holding a pregnancy test.

How do I know these details so well? Because Master turned them into a poster entitled "Think!" that is hanging in my room. A warning and reminder for a girl like me I guess. But the scariest part? For a second, a brief glimpse of time, I genuinely worried how the test was going to come back...


  1. Wow, you have a very creative Master! I love reading about all of the assignments he gives you.
    - Tricia

  2. Ooh... lovely pics... that last is brilliant! Hope He crops it and has you post it here (face blurred)!!