Saturday, March 17, 2012


For the past month I've been making myself eat nasty Brussels Sprouts. They are some of the ickiest food ever invented...they feel horribly in my mouth, they taste horrible, and they smell rotten. The only reason I ate them is that Master told me that he saw that they were Justin Bie ber's favorite food. so like any good fan I made myself eat them.

Then in one of my magazines I read it's actually spaghetti! I ate all this nasty food because MAster lied to me! I'm totally not speaking to him right now.


  1. Oh dear, you really do believe everything you hear about that boy don't you? Such a good little fan.

    You know, I hear he loves girls who dye their pretty blonde hair purple and drink 3 pints of prune juice a day!

  2. Really? That seems like such a....wait! That's not funny!

  3. not speaking to master? I thought all you could do is smile and giggle

  4. You're funny Ash, and I love your blog but you're at your best when you're talking about public humiliation in your cute teeny bopper clothes and humiliating outrageous halloween outfits. Perhaps as punishment for not speaking to him (he did after all have you health and best interests in mind) you should be punished with yet another hilariously degrading public humiliation!

  5. Hee hee.... do they make your cum taste weird? i hate those things!
    sara e