Saturday, June 30, 2012


It was supposed to be a treat.  I'd been a real good girl lately, so Master took me out to Applebee's.  I had salad of course, but he even let me order for myself.  I was wearing a cute Aeropostale sweatshirt in this pretty blue, which was a color a girl "like me" would order but wasn't like pink or anything.  I was so happy, but then Master looked at me.

"I don't like the way you're sitting."

What was he talking about?  I was leaning back, feeling relaxed, until now.

"Your posture is too good.  Girls like you slouch.  I'll think of something to demonstrate."

Well he thought of something.  For the past few days I've had a small pilow duct taped to my back to get my used to the proper posture, slouching away.  My back killed after the movie I watched today, but as least Master smiled.   What else could a girl want?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blog creation in progress...

On July 1st, an announcement about my caption blog will be on this website.  Hard at work on it until then!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Help with an exam question?

An exam question from Master.  What do I do?

"Your cheer squad's colors are green and yellow.  Your crush's favorite color is red.   On Saturday you have a competition, and then you'll have a date with your crush right after.

What color do you paint your nails?"

This is SO hard, and I think it's a trick question.   Answers, readers?

Monday, June 18, 2012


So, I'm not the French Maid type, as you can see, but Master set up a fun game for me anyway.   See, it's the time of year for football minicamps, and wouldn't an aspiring cheerleader like me fit right in?  But what use am I except for eye candy, except---


So Master had set up a few of his football jerseys, different numbers all over the yard.  And it was very simple...he'd call out a number and I'd have to bring a glass of water to that jersey in the right order in enough time. 

Except two problems.   First, he'd recorded himself saying a bunch of numbers into an mp3 that was running in my headphones, so while he says "31, 10, 7" I hear from the mp3 "32, 9, 63" and it's tough to keep them straight!  Plus, every time I made a mistake, I got punished.

It starts bad enough, with me having to kneel on the grass in my cheer skirt saying "here you go, Hottie." every time.   But then my shoelaces were tied together, which slowed me down more.  And I had to avoid the footballs Master was throwing at me all the time, and one bottle wasn't sealed and I spilled and it was so horrible!

My place is so not on a football practice field!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shopping Source

I'm going to share a great source with all my cheer friends here.... the store coachs_corner1 on eBay.   I don't want to drop in a link just in case, but if you look up that store, you'll find lots of good stuff.

I particularly like it for all the cheer stuff this online store sells.   Sure, you can get a shell or skirt done at a high cost, but with this store you get camp wear and stuff like that.   I'm sure it's overproduction (and some of it mis-spelled, like the "Redman" top or Pom-pons stuff), but it's still cool to have a "Such-and-such high school" jacket or campwear.  It feels more authentic than fake stuff that just says "Cheer!", or paying hundreds of dollars for one custom-made item.

You're welcome!

Monday, June 11, 2012


I was trying to help.   Master is doing some work on his basement, so I figured it would be a nice surprise if he came home and saw that some of his shelves had a little more work done on them then when he'd left.  I measured and sawed some pieces, and was making things better, honest!

But noooooo....Master said that girls "like me" are useless in construction, and I had to learn my place...but if I really wanted to be around the basement as he worked on it, he'd help for a while.   So I was to go to my room and change into my orange and white of my older ones.

So I come downstairs in this cute bikini and flipflops, ready to help out.  Master tells me to stand against some wall with my back to it...and takes out the screwdriver!  Master literally drives these screws through each side of my stretched out swimsuit bottom into the wall, then does the same with the fabric of my top!   Now I'm pinned against the wall, unable to move, and have to watch him work for like hours!   It so uncomfortable standing there the whole time, kept prisoner by my swimsuit!

Worst of all, I know I'm going to have to find a replacement suit, and that won't be fun....

Friday, June 8, 2012

Cap Partner?

Hi folks.   For a while now, I've been capping, but not on a devoted caption blog.   This was for a certain reason -- I didn't like the idea of further fracturing TG blogs, and liked what Rachel's Haven does in keeping them in one place.  It's not pleasant trying to track all the cap blogs out there that are worth tracking, and I liked what RH offers as a central clearinghouse.

However, I've decided that there just isn't much of an audience for my interests on that site.   I could bury my captions right in the gallery, but wouldn't get much feedback or eyeballs, and that's what keeps me going as a creator (ahem * comments).  That's fine -- most people prefer something harsher with their captions, or more explicit, but not me.

Everyone wants to see captions, according to this poll, but it's pretty close between putting them here and elsewhere.   I have to say that I like the flow of this blog, and pulling in different things from here and there may interrupt it, so I lean toward developing a sister site just for captions.  Hence, I thought I'd start a cap site, but realize that I probably wouldn't have the output to justify it on my own.   I could swing some 2 or 3 captions a week, but that's a lot of time in-between. 

Thus with the interest I see in the polls, I'm going to invite anybody interested in being a partner on this new project to contact me.  A separate blogger blog, captions only, with a shared password.   It would work best if that person had similar or at least congruent interests as me, and could contribute about two captions a week near the themes found on this blog.  My email addy is at the top left if you'd care to contact me -- caption novices and experts welcome (anyone looking to change their situation).  For an idea of my work, here's a recent caption I did over at the Haven:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Growing up

People have asked in the wake of a recent post whether I will be "growing up" any time soon.   I see that my being stuck as a girl this age may be boring to others, and it's fair to wonder if it's boring to me.  It's a question I've dealt with before, and some of my enthusiasms "spill over" into things of more interest to older girls.

Here's the thing.   I would want to grow up once I'm done being 13.  And by "being 13" I mean having many of the experiences I have detailed here.  I started this blog because writing long fiction pieces wasn't my style, but I still liked to turn over these ideas and experiences in my mind.  This was a way to tease out new details and angles.

But where it falls apart is that it's all talk.  I've had people not show up for arranged meetings, and lots of people who want to make things explicit and don't "get" this idea.  Aside from a couple brief months of emails and one good Halloween being ordered about by phone, things have been stuck at the imagining sense for a while.  I would love to have any of this happen in real life.  Part of the reason I kept up this blog was to see if anyone was interested.  Nothin'.

See, maybe I'll be ready to grow up if I spend a day talking in such a fractured, silly way.   Maybe after a day studying the life of some pop star and being humiliated when not knowledgeable enough I'd move on.  A first kiss, either romantic or manipulated.  But that's all theoretical.  So I'm not going to "grow up" beyond being 13 because I haven't truly been 13 yet.  And sadly, I think things are likely stay that way.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Party girl

A while ago, some of you very funny readers left behind ideas for a perfect party for me.   Well, I had that party.

As you can see, many favors were put together by Master.   I wore that sash on the bottom.  You see that tiara on the left?  It lights up and it was on my head all day.  The wand?  Tied to my fingers with ribbon superglued to the left hand was useless.  For much of the day, freedom to use my right arm  was cramped by the fact that I had three balloons, one with the face of a certain celebrity on it, tied to the wrist.  Each cheek sported a "temporary tattoo" that is still on a day later (see the package center left).  I could still use my weaker hand, but the balloons kept bobbing around to my annoyance.  Typing was next to impossible

The cupcakes were my birthday "cake" on which were placed the candles -- have to watch my figure you know!   It was served on the places and napkins you see there.  For fun?   The lifesize poster of a certain someone was the backdrop for a certain version of put the lipprint on the lips.   Should I be proud that I was really good at that?

Oh, the presents were nice...cute clothes I had to model, a couple downloads I had to listen to, things like that.   So, "thanks" for all your suggestions...hope you're happy now!

(Reality note:   There's no Master of course, but all the above was true.   Happy now?   And no, you don't get pics.)