Saturday, September 29, 2012

So I've been thinking....

I linked to a cute dragon costume a while ago, but I'm having trouble finding it.

I'm also looking for a version of this costume I could fit into.  I may have to make parts of it, perhaps lengthen the skirt.  I like the fur and the pink.


Sunday, September 9, 2012


Stupid Halloween is on a stupid Wednesday this year.  do I go out on that night, or the Saturday before?   I go out that night, trick or treating is happening and it's really the day.  The Saturday before, people will be partying.  Say I go to a college in my costume (whatever that ends up being), that might be more fun than wandering around on a Wednesday.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blonde moment

The following is all true, so is in italics.

So....I felt like a little more of the ol' humiliation this summer, so I walked into a Claire's - my favorite store - and told the cashier I needed help spending a certain amount of money as a consequence for coming in last in my fantasy football league.   And photographic evidence.

Sounds familiar?  Yeah, wait for it...

Fact is, I'd originally planned to go into a different one, but had a bad vibe when I tried.  So I decided to switch over to another one on the way home.  When I handed over the note, the cashier looked at me and said "were you the guy who was here last year?" 

I had been.  And had totally forgotten.

Long story short, I played it off, must have been someone else -- "I'm an only child" -- and we got to business.  She kindly declared it a waste of money, and photographed me in a vampire cape with an ear cuff, holding a doll, wearing fake glasses.  Mission completed for free.

Of course, now I feel like an idiot, and a manipulative one at that.   Should I have fessed up?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

First meeting

I've decided to write some fiction about what I'd love to happen if I met someone like-minded in my area.   Here is the tell me if I should go on.

"I'm, uh, kinda nervous."

Of course he was.  So was I.   We'd never done this sort of thing before.  He looked like me a bit, sitting in the washed light of an early afternoon Denny's.  Maybe a little more hair and waistline.

We'd found each other online, and danced for a while -- what did the other want...and not want?  After some cautious movement, we'd established that we were compatible.  Now we sat in a crap restaurant, getting ready for our "play date".  Jake wasn't a dom/me.  Nor was I.  However, I was able to give him a pretty good idea of what I wanted, and he told me what he wanted.   He was "younger" and wanted a diaper and to be made to play Barbies and all that.   I gave him what he wanted -- I think he didn't expect to be made to put on a Barbie wedding, but oh well.

But this isn't a story about that.  This is about what he did to me.  Per agreement, he departed with the room key.  I had put some choice selections from my wardrobe in there, and we had set up generally what the next two hours would be like.   I counted off twenty minutes, paid for lunch, and walked up the hallway to my room in the Quality Inn.

The door was ajar.  I pushed in, and heart pounding, closed it.   Jake would be back in a few minutes.  I walked into the bathroom and saw what had been chosen.  I nodded.  I"d dropped of a suitcase with selected items from my wardrobe, and looked down.   A pair of pink briefs with white stripes, and a bra to match.  A necklace with several charms on it that would jangle when I moved around, and strangest was a pink headband with a short string tied to it, the other end tied around a ruler.  I frowned at this, until I read the note.   "Put the headband on and kneel on the ruler." 

I put on the bra and panties, feeling vulnerable and underdressed, which was the point.  I put on my wig, carefully slipping the headband over.  Leaving my male clothing in the bathroom, I stepped into the main room and got down on my knees...and I learned Jake had some creativity in him.  For when I did kneel in the main room, I had to tuck my chin against my chest to do it, leaving my hunched over in a submissive pose.

As we'd discussed, I took the remote for the room tv and held it behind my back in both hands.  I wasn't about to let a stranger tie me up, but we'd agreed on some "honor bondage" to start off -- I would be in danger of breaking the scene if I let go of the remote control, so otherwise I was trapped.  And there I kneeled for who knows how long, until the door opened....

(Should I continue?)


Yes, I'm talking about costumes, as Halloween is approaching.   But when I think of costumes, the one on the right is awesome, and I'm going to over-analyze why.

First, a good costume gets attention.  This one does, with the shiny purple torso and sparkling wings and tutu.  Nice bright colors.  No skulking around in the shadows with this one.  This is the costume of someone who wants to be noticed.

Second, it's cumbersome like any good costume.  Having to worry about the wings and tail getting caught, maneuvering carefully.  The embarrassment of part getting caught in the door.   Arm warmers.  Hood.  Leg warmers.  All those spines.  Love it.

Most importantly, it is ridiculous.   I imagine in this photo shoot the model was trying to look as scary and angry as she could...and it looks absolutely ridiculous.  She's dressed up as a dangerous creature, a killer of legend, and just looks silly.  Wait -- think about it.  It's not as if she's "pretending" to try to be scary.  She's genuinely trying to seem fierce, but the outfit is SO ridiculous, it's impossible.  There is no way to take someone wearing this seriously.

A cumbersome costume that gets attention and makes you immediately dismissed once you are noticed.  This is definitely under my consideration for this year...even though it may not be entirely up to me.  But if I wear it, I'm am so getting my nails done.