Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bust, almost busted

Despite the efforts of a good friend (who sadly lives far away), Halloween was a bust this year.  My original plan to change at a mall and walk out in costume were foiled by the fact that the mall was packed with kids on some sort of trick or treat thing.   No good there.  I did change in a JC Penney, and a couple people saw me and chuckled, but not much.

My friend called to an adult bookstore and tried to get me into a situation or two, but to no end.  I wnet in, he bade me to browse the merchandise.  I did, and left.  Nothing.

So I drove around a bit, and finally screwed up some courage.  I was going to bomb into Target then the seafood restaurant next door.  I was going to do this!!!!  Then I saw blue lights behind me.  Every crossdresser's nightmare, and it was happening to me.

Heart pounding, I eventually pulled over.  Trying desperately to figure out the problem.  The cops comes up to the window.  Asked how I was doing...I said I wasn't in the best place right now given how I was dressed.  Guy tells me "it's f--in Halloween.  I don't f--in care.  Now if it was three days later I'd be f---in freaked out."  Backup arrives.   The guy takes my license.  Comes back.  What was I doing there?  Where was I going?  "You seem nervous, what's the problem?"

I ask back "I was going to ask you the same thing...why did you pull me over?"

Only then did I find out I was going 7mph over the speed limit.  That's what I get for being an out of state driver.  The funny part is that he was so flustered -- so obviously flustered -- that he just handed back my license and bade me a good evening.

Funny looking back, but it knocked me for a loop.  So I drove meekly home.

Bleah.  *sniffle*