Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bust, almost busted

Despite the efforts of a good friend (who sadly lives far away), Halloween was a bust this year.  My original plan to change at a mall and walk out in costume were foiled by the fact that the mall was packed with kids on some sort of trick or treat thing.   No good there.  I did change in a JC Penney, and a couple people saw me and chuckled, but not much.

My friend called to an adult bookstore and tried to get me into a situation or two, but to no end.  I wnet in, he bade me to browse the merchandise.  I did, and left.  Nothing.

So I drove around a bit, and finally screwed up some courage.  I was going to bomb into Target then the seafood restaurant next door.  I was going to do this!!!!  Then I saw blue lights behind me.  Every crossdresser's nightmare, and it was happening to me.

Heart pounding, I eventually pulled over.  Trying desperately to figure out the problem.  The cops comes up to the window.  Asked how I was doing...I said I wasn't in the best place right now given how I was dressed.  Guy tells me "it's f--in Halloween.  I don't f--in care.  Now if it was three days later I'd be f---in freaked out."  Backup arrives.   The guy takes my license.  Comes back.  What was I doing there?  Where was I going?  "You seem nervous, what's the problem?"

I ask back "I was going to ask you the same thing...why did you pull me over?"

Only then did I find out I was going 7mph over the speed limit.  That's what I get for being an out of state driver.  The funny part is that he was so flustered -- so obviously flustered -- that he just handed back my license and bade me a good evening.

Funny looking back, but it knocked me for a loop.  So I drove meekly home.

Bleah.  *sniffle*


  1. So sorry to hear about your evening ending like that! Nothing worse than that horrible guilt and panic! Really hope you're ok now- and just remember, despite it all, I'm sure you were still exceptionally cute in your costume!

  2. apart from speeding, you were not doing anything illegal!

    had to smile while reading it though! sorry!

  3. Ack! Jail is no fun for a 12 year old girl!

  4. Whew!! Drive safe :)

  5. hey, where've you been? write more.