Saturday, February 9, 2013


Who wants to be my valentine?  What would you want from me....  ?  OX

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Destroying the evidence

We are at war with Eastasia.  We have always been at war with Eastasia.

Master would kill me for even admitting I know that quote, but it is relevant today.  Because today is about destroying the evidence.  Like any girl "like ", when I crush, I crush hard.  Obsessively.  It dominated my mind, how cute he is, our life together, what to wear for him, etc.  So it is expected I'm always writing little notes about him, stupid little poems, drawings, etc.  And I put them in my notebook, on my bulletin board, on my mirror, etc.   I will have my crush's name in about 10 places at the end of the day.   Add in "Mrs. Ashlee XX" and it's twenty.

Then I break up with him.  And ia m expected to remove the evidence I ever like this boy.  Maybe he looked at another girl, wore an American Eagle sweatshirt (so 2009!).  Whatever the reason, we're no longer a thing and I'm single again.   And boy do I get punished if I don't remove the evidence fast enough.  If Master sees a little heart reading "I Love Randy" anywhere after I dumped him, or moved on in my mind, I get a stern talking-to about my reputation, and it's okay to be a flirt but not a tramp, etc.   Sometimes I get punished.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Being honest

The following is true:

So today, I walk into a store to buy some One Direction stuff.   Cuz' they are all such great singers and Harry is so cute and I thought it would be a perfect birthday present for Harry who is super cute and yesterday was his birthday.

So, the cashier says jokinlgy, "Well, someone likes One Direction!"
I laughed and "That's true."
She jumps in before I can go on and says "I think these are for you."
And I smiled an agreed as she rang up the rubber bracelet, vinyl wall decals, and pillowcase.  We had a teasing conversation about how I thought they were wonderful musicians, and all that.  

Good times.