Friday, May 10, 2013

Awesome advice

Wish I had seen this about how to be a superfan during the fall!!!  Tons of good advice, such as:

If you're doing this for your special boy, write his number on your cheek, but be careful not to write it backwards in the mirror. You don't want a 9 to come out looking like a P.


cheer when your boy makes a good play and don't care about what others around you think

Great ideas about how to be a superfan!  Maybe I should practice for baseball in case, but someone will have to tell me when to cheer -- is it when my special boy makes a three pointer?

Sunday, May 5, 2013


You may wonder, how does Master have such control?  How does he monitor me 24/7?

Well, he doesn't.  But he could -- because I have to have this with me.  So on some afternoons my "zone" is a pedestrian walkway in my tight girlie shorts...I can't leave it without him getting a text.  Sometimes I am sent somewhere and told to act like the girl I "really am"...and he can listen in.  Or maybe not.   The device is meant to track children to make sure they don't get into trouble.  Or in this case, to make sure I do.

And of course I have the pink one.


One of the hardest parts of being a girl like me is coordinating outfits.  Not like a matchy matchy thing, but there are so many tings you have to do to make an outfit right:

-It has to be trendy.  No tiered skirts or extra long tank tops.  So last year.
-It can't be too much like yesterday's outfit.  Three days of Hollister tops in a row?  No!
-It has to show it matches the day.  Is it school spirit day?  Dress crazy day?  Wear blue on Tuesday?
-Friends.  It would be dorky if we all looked alike.  So is my bestie going to wear white?  I shouldn't.
-Cuteness.  Might we go to the mall after school?  Will I be partnered with my crush in English class?

This is SO hard!