Monday, September 30, 2013

My final four

Ladies and gents,

Below are photos of me in my final four possible costumes.  A short discussion of each appears below.  Mind, once I choose one I will invest heavily in accessories such as just the right wig, accessories, tights, etc.  I won't promise to go along with your votes, but comments are VERY welcome:

Taking each in turn...Minnie Mouse is very pink and foily, which is the best part of it.  The skirt is tiny (hence the cutoff) and dress is tight.  It's a very girlie costume, but doesn't have much to build on.  There's no tail, nor are there any behaviors or extras in which to engage (aside from eating cheese?) that really go with it.  However, overly rouged cheeks with a pink tone would go well, and the idea of having a face that is foolishly feminine helps.

Cheshire Cat is something.   Pink and purple all over the place, and a rather flimsy and attention-getting dress.  Carrying that stupid smile all day would be really ridiculous, and as a bonus I can imagine some games that could ensure by hanging a tag off the tail daring people to grab it, so I'd have to "earn" it back.  Comes with the little booties and arm warmers for bonus silliness.

Goldilocks may be the most classically feminine of these costumes.  It's definitely a silly little thing that demands disbelief and condescension.  Skipping would be a natural way of transport on this, and for sure I'd be carrying around a teddy bear with me the whole time.

The One Dir ection fangirl is interesting.  It is probably the most, hm, believable one for a girl like me?  It's also pretty humiliating.  With enough accessories and pink would be undoubtedly feminine even though wearing jeans seems a bit odd for this costume, even if they are super tight.  (I had on my Bie ber shirt cuz the 1D shirt was in the wash).  Though definitely embarrassing, where does one go from here?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dear neighborhood party store...

Thanks for changing your shopping system so that I can come into the store, frown at my phone, request two costumes by number and size, and have you fetch them from the back.  Far superior to browsing creepily and wondering where the larges are.  I appreciate the convenience and will show it by giving custom many times.

I hope to do a photo show to have help picking my costume soon.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

On fire

I've never felt so on fire as I did when trying on a certain costume today.  It has the full accoutrements, foolishness, girlishness that I want in a costume.  Years ago I'd not even have had the guts to wear it, but I think I will this year.

Not saying which one, but I may be in love.*

*I am still going to try a couple others, but I feel pretty sure about this one.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dumped in leaves

So Master was raking leaves over the weekend and made a giant pile, and told me I had to jump in.  Now, I was suspicious...I mean, girls "like me" don't like to get messy that way, so I smartly refused.  So what happens next?  He picks me up and dumps me in the leaves.  Of course, I have to shriek and squeal like the girl I really am while he stands and laughs.  All set, right?


Because oops my fake diamond ring fell off my finger and got lost.  So here I am, trying to stay clean while pawing through the pile of leaves looking for the stupid thing.  For half an hour before I find it.  This is why I hate nature!!!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Still more instructionals

For everyone who hasn't asked what I want on my birthday, the list is here: 12 perfect gifts for a Directioner. Of course I own half that stuff, but you can never go wrong.  The list dovetails well with this instruction sheet, er, self-description: "17 signs your child is a One Direction Fan"

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Some ideas

I'd earlier mentioned some of what I like in a costume and read your comments.  I've read some old posts and it's funny -- some costumes like pink devil kind of floated their way up from earlier ideas.  Others never have made it to the top.

Anyway. here's some of the choices out there:
Goldilocks: A feminine, frothy outfit with a cute yellow pinafore. A nice girlish outfit.
Girlie baseball player: A pink dress mocking the idea of being a boy athlete, with ready-made props.
Girlie jailbird:  A pink and black striped chest and leggings with matching pillbox hat. Maybe a a handcuff attached to one wrist, the other open. If anyone asked, I'd say my girlfriend tried to cuff me, but was too stupid to do it right. I'd have keys sewn onto the back shoulder, so if anyone tried to complete the job I'd be truly helpless.
Hello Kitty: Not normally my thing, but the costume is adorable and popular...

Whatcha think??

Sunday, September 1, 2013

H'ween 2013, a preview

My annual post.  September 1, when I first begin to think about Halloween, my favorite holiday...

To review, I've been many a thing over previous years, along with links to the entries about each humiliating experience for the three most recent ones:
2012 - Sailor girl
2011 - Girlie clown
2010 - Pink and black devil girl
2009 - Honey bee
2008 - Strawberry Shortcake

I may post more on what I want/hope to have happen that night, but for now, I'll repeat some basic ideas that make a costume good:
  • A costume that was girlish and what I call insignificant. "Insignificant" not in terms of the fabric used, but rather in the message it sends that I'm just a silly little girl, not important. Bonus if it is a pink/sparkly take on something usually manly (why the devil girl was a good choice).
  • The idea of having to obsess about the state of my clothing with props and elements to constantly be adjusting and trying to control.
  • Something that will garner attention, either through color, light, noise, what have you.
So I have some ideas I'm weighing in my head for this year, but what do you think?   What costumes do YOU say I should consider?