Saturday, October 26, 2013


A bit quiet on the blog these days.  No reaction to my costume choice or story, so that's a shame.  In any case, getting ready for Thursday.
I'm going to be a Cheshire Cat, and am tentatively planning to spend time around a local university.  In years past, I've had someone encouraging me by phone and email, in one case setting me up a bit for some potential humiliation.  Seems I'm on my own tonight.

Suggestions for things to do?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A tail of my decision

Okay, many of you aren't going to like this.  I'm not going to be Goldilocks.

As cute as the outfit is, for me Halloween is the outfit and the actions.  What action goes along with Goldilocks?  Skipping is all about all I can think of.

As for the 1D fan, listening to their music, buying their stuff in a mall, loading down with all sorts of crap...the ideas are much more wide open.

The cheshire cat has a collar with a little bell, and a tail.  Imagine attaching a sign to the tail reading "IF YOU STEAL MY TAIL, I will..." and then options on the inside.

So that's not going to happen.  Of those two, I'm still a bit undecided.  I'll listen to your ideas, but in a couple days will have my decision.

Then the fun begins: planning that night.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Alices, Part VI

Tranh couldn't figure out where to start.  This was a crazy holiday -- just dress up and people give you candy!  Nobody did anything like this back home in Vietnam!  Awesome that her family had just moved to America...if only the language was easier.  Maybe we could start with that Sni...Sna...however you pronounce it, it was delicious!

The Spirits of Halloween drew back from the Tho household as Tranh reveled in her new life in America.  Somewhere inside, the former supremacist preacher Troy Thomas was raging, but he was just along for the ride.  With some good done and Halloween restored, the Spirits celebrated one great holiday.  Those horrid men had gone through the looking glass and came out the other side better (and cuter) for it.

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Alices, Part V

"Omigod Callie, you are SO funny!  Now get away from there!"

Callie giggled and ran down the walk.  She was proud that she never turned down a dare.  Like, never.  It was one of the reasons she had so many friends.  Her friends all laughed and shared pics as they continued down the street trick-or-treating.  It was great being so popular.  Why didn't more girls try it?

All the other girls had been too chicken to go up to the house when Callie called them out.  So some megarich millionaire preacher guy who disappeared last week lived there.  So what?  Guy probably went looking for the "aloneness with God" he always went talking about on this shows her parents watched.

"Hey Callie, see that cute guy in the pirate outfit?  Dare you to try to get his number..."

"What wassat? I was texting.  Say it again?"

"You are so funny, Callie.  But, see that cute boy...."

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Alices, Part IV

Jacqui Devlin checked herself in the mirror one last time.  Her hair was glossy smooth, the dress fit just right in the right places.  She was ready.

Jacqui was on her way out to the Halloween dance at Tisdale High School and she had some treats in mind that she was going after.  The new lip piercing looked really cute, she decided, and sent the message that tonight was a night for adventure and fun.  She grabbed a small purse and walked out, carrying her two-inch heels in a bag -- if her parents saw what she was planning to wear for shoes they'd freak out!

It was kind of strange, Jacquie decided, as she got into her car for only the sixth time ever.  Her parents had been real strict ever since they started going to that church run by John Devon, who always railed about Jezebel and whores.  Weird that they'd suddenly decided it would be okay for her to get her lip pierced.  And start dating.  And start taking birth control.  Of course, Minister Devon had disappeared just the night before, so they were pretty distracted...

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Alices, Part III

It was remarked that Reverend Lawrence Cotter had to buy a new Bible every year.  Not because he lost it, or destroyed it, but because he wore out the same bit every twelve months -- he loved preaching about idols.  Nearly every week he found a new object to be inveighed against.  His most famous moment (beloved on YouTube) was when he snatched a teddy bear out of the arms of a girl at his megachurch and tore its head off while screaming about having on god but the one god...

It took at the she had not to roll her eyes as her best friend asked the same questions AGAIN.

"You really are going to carry that around all night, Laianne?" she asked.

"Yeah, he's so cute!  His shirt even matches my apron.  Maybe I can get extra candy if I say he wants some too!"  Even though she tried hard to project a wordly air befitting a college sophomore, Laianne had loved Mr. Snuggles for years, and could never let him go.  Not even on Halloween.

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Alices, Part II

Reverend Klein Thomas had built his church as the "Farmers' Home".  Taking coin from humble workers of the land came naturally to the Thomas family, after all.  His Daddy had been a rather slick loan officer at the Farmers' Credit Bureau before it went bust.  His Granddaddy had sold patent medicines.  Reverend Thomas sold salvation by the hundreds.

So the "Helloween Project" cooked up by the group that called themselves God's Circle was a natural fit.  He had worked in Reverend Morton's remarks on America as Alice, but had included some nice bits on harvesting the seeds of righteousness.  October 31st was going to be a wonderfully quiet day.  There wasn't a decoration in sight, and the check from Federal Department Stores was sitting in his bank account.  Pleasant dreams were on the way...

...Kaylee Thompson woke up from some pleasant dreams starring Colin, the tractor salesman downtown.  They'd been flirting for a little while and oh my god what am I thinking?  Klein jerked upright, his luxurious king-sized bed replaced with a simple twin.  The recessed lighting by a couple little lamps from Walmart with pink furry lampshades.  Of course, that has nothing compared to Klein himself.

"My God" he muttered.  What had happened " my hair?"  A lifetime of experience helping people possessed, it didn't take long for Klein to realize what was going on...he was possessing someone else.  And judging from her actions and thoughts, he was basically along for the ride.  Klein was aghast as he (or Kaylee?) showered and primped for a day at the tiny school somewhere in Iowa.  Most horrifyingly, it seemed that the Helloween Project had passed over the town, as everyone was asking...

"...Alice.  I found this totally cute Alice costume and I'm changing into it right after school!"

The girl he was talking too -- Yasmine -- poked him in the ribs.  "And going right to Weber's Farm Supplies on some stupid made-up errand, aren't you?"

Kaylee giggled.  Of course she was going to show off her outfit to Colin.  If he was going to ask her to the Harvest Dance he needed motivation!  He needed to stare at her and say...

"...really hot Kaylee.  I mean really hot!  You don't mind if I take a picture?"

"Naw, Colin.  Going to this field means that we have all the time in the world.  And, you know, it is awful quiet out here..."

Klein would have started shouting if he could have controlled Kaylee's mouth.  And if it hadn't been occupied with Colin's tongue at the moment.  As his spirit disappeared inside Kaylee's superficial mind, he only wondered what had happened to everyone else in God's Circle?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Alices: Part I

"...and continuing down this rabbit hole of decadence, sin, and depravity!  Halloween is the devil's work, and American must stand astride the moment and shout that we accept neither trick nor treat nor a wonderland of evil but JE-sus!  That we...(and here his voice dropped to a quivering whisper) We accept Je-sus.  Amen."

"Sounds great.  We'll roll it out."

Looking out from the lectern, the famed Televangelist Reverend Harry Morton smiled.  Music to his accountant's ears.  When the vice president of marketing for Federal Department Stores, Inc., said "we'll roll it out" everyone in the room understood what it meant.  It meant millions of dollars.

Morton exchanged fond glances with the televangelists gathered around the room.  Most had gained wealth and fame imitating not just his sermons, but his business practices.  But this had been his idea, so most of money would go to, his ministry.  Roll out the harshest, more religion-drenched assault on Halloween America had ever seen.  Retail would fund it, clearing the holiday out of the way so it could begin the Christmas sales rush earlier than ever before.  Across the nation the message would go forth.

And finally they had a message.  Morton and his friends had cooked up an impassioned sermon invoking America as Alice, following sin and depravity down a rabbit hole from which it would never return, but only led to Brimstone.  The answer was to reclaim the land for CHRISTmas.  It could drag in the children, the teenagers, the old.  They'd all be donating and protesting, the way they always did.  Halloween would be dead in America.

Which coincidentally would make stores even more money by expanding the Chistmas shopping season, and opportunity for which they'd promised to see as a way to donating millions of dollars to certain megachurches.

Enjoying a celebratory bourbon with his associated, Reverend Smithson smiled at them.  "With your sermon and their money, today is a grand day for us.  The Holy Spirit will glory on this day!"

Though the whereabouts of the Holy Spirit are not privy to us, upon this day some other spirits, old, ghostly spirits reduced to the day of Halloween but still powerful, stirred with anger at this news.  And their revenge would be direct.  This is the story of the Alices.