Sunday, February 23, 2014

Why I started, why it's quiet

Well, here's the deal.  I started this blog years ago for three reasons:
- To tell a fictional story.  I don't have the attention span for grandiose works, but adding little tidbits every once in a while seemed possible;
- To meet people who enjoyed the same ideas and stories I do, and have conversations.
- To move some of this out of fiction, either by finding "playmates" online, or someone who could serve as a mentor/dom/me in some ways.

So it's been quiet because of a few reasons.  I'm pretty much out of ideas on the fictional side.  I think I've described a series an existence of being kept in a persona through minute and grand methods, a helping of humiliation, and the tiny restrictions that would make this make-believe life wonderfully horrible.

I've met a couple people through this blog, maybe five of them.  Correspondance can be staccato in many cases, as we all have real lives.  I am as guilty as anyone else.

Finally, I have put myself in some humiliating situations, much to my retrospective enjoyment.  However, real life is pretty dominant between schooling, working, and relationships.  In the right circumstances (such as today when I write this) that doesn't prevent indulging this side of me.  At other times it does.

But all this asks, what next?  A good opportunity at Tilted Kilt didn't happen, partially because I had zero comment of encouragement when I mentioned it here.  I think blogs as such may be dying.  This may be one of them.  So barring a seizure of inspiration, I'll be pouring more energy into my caption blog.  You can always email me, but expect longer periods of silence I'd reckon...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Advice and ideas

So the plan is in two weeks to walk into a Tilted Kilt and reprise my earlier experience.  I'm writing to ask for ideas -- what do I do/say to get the maximum out of this?  Ideas?