Monday, October 20, 2014

Top One

Terri was right in her earlier comment...Alice is just a better way to go. 

That's me this year for Hallowee -- Alice.   BUT....I would really appreciate some help.  Anything from a silly email to keep my courage up, suggestions, or other support.  I would lvoe to have someone helping out by calling certain places ahead, or scripting some stuff with/for me.   More detail for anyone who answers.  As I ask every year, please email m if you think you can make Halloween what I want it to be, at:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Top two

Thanks to Terri for the comment recently (I did think about a witch, but didn't end up going in that direction). I have it down to two choices for Halloween.

 The first, which I thought would be costume for a while, was Alice. I've never been Alice, and I
picked up this costume. I thought it looked cute, and had a slight dark edge which I liked. It's cute.   It's a classic girlish costume I haven't done yet, and figured I could walk around with a stuffed rabbit.  A classic costume for the girl I really am.  Done deal, I'd have thought until today.

 On a whim, I also purchased this "Rainbow Dash" costume. Now, I'm not a brony in the least and have never seen the show. However, this costume is so over the top. I wonder if it's so camp it isn't for real -- I mean, it's got everything: many accessories, rainbow tutu, glittery print, suspenders.  You can't see it in this picture, but there is a rainbow tail as well. It's almost too much, anda lot of fun to wear. My worry, dear readers, is people seeing me in the second might figure me for a brony, albeit a courageous one.   Nothing special or worth mocking.  I won't feel as ridiculous in it.

Will that earn me actual humiliation the way Alice will? This girl is undecided. Thoughts?