Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014 part 2

This entry follows up the last one, about my adventures on Halloween as Alice in Wonderland this year.  The previous post spoke of disappointments, this part does not.  This part speaks of my greatest adventure to date.

To begin, it was the nails that were killing me.  They always do.  Every year I pre-paint nails, and then waste 15 minutes trying to glue the damn things on.  Easier just to paint my nails, but I love the inconvenience of the claw-like things making it harder to do simple tasks.  A good reminder of that part of being a girl.  But somehow, the glue for these nails had dried in the bottle.  So I am sitting m y car in a parking lot, having pried the spout off the bottle, trying to use the goopy paste to get the nails to stay.  It wasn't very successful.  When I got out of the car, I had 10 sparkling deep red nails.  I got back in 30 minutes or so afterward with none.

The time also got me away from my usual practice of "confidence building" -- doing a series of small steps to get comfortable.  Using an ATM, talking a stroll, things like that.  Realizing the world won't end because I'm in a skirt.  Nope, no time for that.  I had an appointment at 8:40.

What type of appointment could I have?  Pictures.  No seriously, I had set up an appointment with a professional photography company.

That was located in a mall.

Not glamour shots.  Just photos.  I'd done it onine a week ago in a fit of adventure.  Then  I realized it might not go over well just to stroll in as I was, and it was here I had some great help.  An online friend of mine had kindly called earlier the studio earlier that night to help set up the story.  So when I walked in, the rather kind photographer in her 50s understood that I was to return with two sheets at least of pictures of me in costume, in a pose fitting for a girl wearing that costume.  Happily, she was cool.

But I get ahead of myself.   I had to get to the mall.  I'm waiting at a red light, waiting to turn into the place, when I hear"  Hey!"  The truck next to me.  "Hey you.  Allison!" (Allison?)  The car beeps.  What the heck I figure, I look over.  Some trailer park guy looking at me.  "Where is the Halloween store in this mall, dude?"  I try to tell him I don't know as the light changes, and his buddy gasses the pathetic little car they're in.  Great.   Am I going to a ghetto mall?

In my rush to get there in time, I didn't have time to consult a map of the mall on my phone, so here I am walking into the mall, possibly right next to the studio.  Or far distant from it.  Tottering up the sidewalk in my heels, carrying my stuffed bunny, I pass two people who eloquently say nothing.  Heart pounding, I walk up the entrance way and happily a directory is right there.  Unhappily, the studio is on the other side of the triangular mall.  So I go off on a walk.  I did hear several bursts of surprised laughter, and experience many people stoically pretending that there was nothing going of note.  I did have one girl outside a store on the other side of the mall yell out "You are so adorable!  Come get a lollipop!"  I smiled and explained I didn't have time as I continued on into the studio.  The laughter trailed behind me as I walked into the abandoned storefront.

"You're late" she said, smiling a bit.  She was cool.  Got what we were doing, didn't freak out, didn't ignore it.  Thankfully, after checking in, me standing there on sore feet in front of a counter, we were led to the back for some pictures.  We did some on a white background, some on a black.  She suggested the poses, and I complied -- hand on a hip, sticking out my tongue, etc.  I was lectured for not smiling enough at one point, or trying to hide my bunny.  It was wonderful, and I started to relax...especially when  I could sit on the stool and relieve my throbbing calves.   She took about a dozen poses, including one where I precariously went down on one wasn't easy getting back up.  To the right is one of the best.

We made small talk as they were printed up, and after some 25 minutes I was back in the mall, heading to the car.  The mall was shutting down, so there were fewer people, aside from one extended conversation in Spanish as I went by.  One lady told me she hoped I'd been paid a lot to dress like that, while another in the parking lot just told me she liked my outfit.

At that I collapsed into my car, endorphins flooding me.  I can't top this.  Without someone right there with me, Halloween 2014 will go down as tops.  Thanks to my friend who called ahead to ease the path.  I can't wait for 2015...I just don't know how it could get better.


  1. A wonderful adventure. I'm so glad that the evening ended up so well for you. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. well done. you now have some professional photos!! and an adorable dress. i think a return visit at christmas......x

  3. Sorry the dares didn't quite work out but glad you had a great time. You look wonderful in that dress too :)

  4. You look cute! Glad the comments and all turned out okay.. must have been scary and Halloween should be! :) sara e