Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thank you Santa 2/5

Thanks 4 the tites and shoesies.  The heel hurts my feet but is cute.    They looked great wit my uniform and lots else.   I hope I can buy more shoes.  A girl like me can never have enough.   (They do make corner time extra hard tho!)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thank you Santa 1/5

Dear Santa,

The costume was super cute!   I am not a nerd but it was total fun dressin as one.  It was kinda tough tho...I had a day of skool in that costume.   I had to stand in the bus, and do a girls' homework for her.  Bullies picked on me all day.  But still I looked hot so it was okay!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Xmas visit

So Master really outdid himself.  I don't even know where....but I should start at the beginning.
It was a tough choice.  Cute black tights, black shorts, and a red t-shirt with a white message on the chest: "Dear Santa, for Xmas, please give me a cute boy."   Or white tights, and a red velvet minidress lined in white fur.  I chose the first, paired with some black boots.  Master looked at me, smiled, and simply said "the other one".   So the crushed velvet wrapped around me.  While the fabric was warm, I looked every part an asipring Mrs. Claus, white fur lining at my thighs.    Where we were going, Master wouldn't tell me.
We got to some run down building, I don't know where...outskirts of the city somewhere, and we went in the back of an apartment building.  And inside was...

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Friday Night Junk

I thought I was gonna be watching a fun show about cheer and football called Friday Night Lights.  Nope!  It's some boring drama that kinda has football in it, but only some.   I mean, I get that some people gotta do some adult talking and standing around to make a show, but it was just so lame.   There was stuff at a car store for like ten minutes.  Serious adult talking.  Way snooze.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My phone

Well, it's Christmas soon and you know what that stuff!!! And the most important thing is a new phone, a phone just for me for texting and all the way important stuff I need to do. But which one?

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

so Mr. Strauss was very nice to me last weekend and agreed to let me watch some football so I can try to understand it better. He even let me ask questions. It's so confusing! But as long as cute boys think it's important, I guess I can at least try to understand it.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Help expand my vocab!

Mr. Strauss has told me that I have not been doing a good job being the real me, and has come up with something to help.Sometimes I try to use words that I don't really know, or words that I pretend to know when other people use them.   He has helped me see that a girl like me doesn't really know any words with four syllables.  But you can help.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sorry Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Goodleigh kindly set me a task on last week, and I failed.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thank you Ian

Ian, Thank you for setting that task for me last week. It was a good reminder that I need to be humiliated. I found it a real challenge to keep the words sissy and silly distinct.

For those who didn't see, I typed "Sissy should be humiliated shouldn't sissy, silly sissy boi.. ." 25 times on a blinking background.

If Ian goes to and enters the code OTM4NTczNzE=  he can verify that I did as I was told.  Thanks for helping me become better by doing that.


PS: If you or anyone else wants a thank you note and proof that I did as told, you can set a punishment for me too at

Friday, November 13, 2015

My new car??

I have found my car!   I bet it has all sorts of great stuff like racken pinion steering or power windshields, but that's not why I need it when I get my license!  I know I wouln't be a while till I drive but anyway I still neeeeed a Honda Civic.  Know why?
Cuz One Direction loves them!   I can't be lying cuz look at this hot ad:

So if they love it, I should right?  Because I love 1D and I can't argue with boys that cute!   Anyway, it's not all about them (okay it is but still), where to start with this car?  Well, it's got a boomin system to blast 1D on the streets.  Nice curves.  Plenty of room for all my cheer gear an friends.  Serious style for me....   I just would need one that comes in baby blue or mebbe hot pink or both...and with Harry in the passenger seat!   So even though it's a little ways to go I am so gonna beg Master for this car!Okay so I know I won't be driving for a while but I already picked it out. Please tell Master how much I deserve this ultra sweet ride!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Change in Ownership of the Blog

There are some changes in this blog I want to tell you about it.  Most important, I am no longer the owner.  Mr. Strauss now owns it, has the password, and controls it.  He has kindly allowed to let me keep writing on it.   However, as the owner all content will be approved by him.   If I fail to amuse him or carry out assignments, I may be suspended.  I might be banned from the blog from time to time if Mr. Strauss feels like it.  He will also be posting himself, so check out the author's name.
It will be a weird and exciting time ahead, so I hope you'll keep reading.  Please comment!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My day at "school"

I started my "scoolday" rather nervous.   Mr. Strauss had told me to gather a range of things, and I wasn't sure what exactly I'd be asked to do with them.  But I wanted to earn back control of my blog.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Nerdy Ashlee's Ordeal: Part 4 - After Class

The final phase of Ashlee's day was finally upon her, and of course she ran into her bullies in the schoolyard!


She was made to chase her bowtie around the yard and gush about why she loves Princess Alyssa so much. She had some very sweet things to say about the girl that only ever wants to torment her.

Nerdy Ashlee's Ordeal: Part 3 - Lunchtime!

By far the most repulsive of the parts of Nerdy Ashlee's day, Lunchtime was particularly challenging:


In this task, she met Princess Alyssa and had to eat her own version of lunch. Not exactly a pleasant experience for poor Ashlee!

Nerdy Ashlee's Ordeal Part 2 - Math Class

Oh, Part 2 turned out to be a major roadblock for poor little Ashlee. You'd think math class would be a forte for a huge dork like her!


The stipulations of this one were too much for her, especially having to take her glasses off and do it blind. So I put her in 'timeout' for three minutes and we moved along to lunchtime.

Nerdy Ashlee's Ordeal: Part I - Getting ready for school!

And we're off! Nerdy Ashlee is all dressed up and is on her way to school. Her first task is this one:


Oh, and did I mention it's Friday??

During this task, Ashlee has to sing, reapply her lip gloss, and stand while she writes because there are no seats on the bus for a nerd like her. She'll have a full recap of this first part and all the rest of her parts, if I give her permission to post here again.

Keepaway from Nerdy Ashlee!

Somewhere, Ashlee is fretting her little head about what's going to happen tonight. She may be trying to log into her blogger account, wringing her hands with the gravity of what may happen if she doesn't please me. How did we get here?

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Set me to task


Someone kindly passed on to me this amazing website:

Basically, you can create an assignment for someone to type lines....a repeated sentence.    There are all sorts of paramters you can set to make it cruel or difficult or downright frustrating and embarrassing.

Who's up for a game?

I will complete the assignments that make sense (those that fit with who I am and are reasonable -- I don't have time to write something 300 times).   You get a report.   And the cleverst assignment that gets to who and where I am, I will make a caption for on their request.

So head over to   and create a task.  Email me at
 and have me earn your approval.  Remember...caption(s) to the best torturers!

Let's have some fun!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

So here's what happened

I feel like I should summarize Halloween this year.   For my loyal reader or two.  All the following is true.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bully me!

So, I had a stroke of ... brilliance?  Nah.   Just an idea.

I'm dressing up as a nerd for Halloween, for much of the night at least.   Also as a "jester".

So what would make sense for a nerd?  Being bullied!   I'm thinking of asking for help, saying I need photos of me being bullied...the way nerds are.  Any ideas on how I can phrase it, or if I should suggest?

As for a jester?   What do I do?   If I can't make someone laugh, I have to do a consequence?  

Hmm....ideas are welcome in the last 36 hours before the big day!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"I'm a boy!" giggle....

Some time ago, I posted about one trendy YouTube "challenge"...well, today is about another that Master finds amusing on two fronts.  It is variously called the "clothes swap/dress up" challenge.

The challenge is two people choose outfits for one another.  Of course, it gets more immediate to me when the two persons involved are a boy and a girl.  Master likes to laugh at how poorly the clothing fits the boys, and how much cuter I look, or would look in them.  He also likes to point out their embarrassment and so how nice it is I don't share it (though in fact I do).

So it was his idea for me to do it.  Not him of course, just me.  So great, right?  Wrong.   Like the girls in these videos -- and I'll leave it to you to find them -- once in boys' clothing I have to act in a silly, over-exaggerated boyish way, walking with a ridiculous swagger and fake-deep voice.  Stupid b-boy gestures and crotch grabbing...all while giggling and tossing my hair.  I'm a boy convincingly portraying a girl who is very unconvincingly acting like a boy.

"See, nobody would believe you're a boy" he said.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The final five

Alright friends, I have it down to five costumes.   I own them all and they all fit for the most part.  Some accessories shopping still to do.  But I present a picture of each...then I NEED your opinion.  What looks most like a tween girl looking for attention?  What could lead to the most humiliating attention and situations?   What would exhilarate and humiliate me?   Please leave comments or email me at

Pink Minnie Mouse.  It fits pretty well, and the ears just look ridiculous.  It's a recognizable character and very spot on I think toward my femme side.  Playful and cute with an attempt at flirty.   A look at me type of costume.   Tough to come up with situations, as it were.  do I have a cat that I have to act scared of?  Walk around with cheese?  Ask if anyone has seen Mickey?

"I love nerds".    Ridiculous thing that is part schoolgirl, part trendy, part boy crazy.  The bowtie is on an elastic and is a ridiculous pain in the neck, and the suspenders are there too, flapping a bit.   The glasses are empty frames, which looks extra silly.   I would have to get the leggings but that shouldn't be much of a problem.   I do like how clearly girlish this is, and it could lead to some interesting situations and stunts.  Do I go shopping for pocket protectors?  Do I have to do math in front of other people, and consequences if I don't get it right?

Neon witch.   No blending in with this one!!  The tulle in the skirt, and bright sparkling dress really make me stand out.  The hat is ridiculous.   Plus, I don't know if you can tell, but there is a collar detached from the dress that goes around my neck.  The single most annoying accessory to the costume without a doubt.   Situations aren't as easy to come by, though I would have to carry a broom all night.  Or day.

Festive jester.  Again, colorful flirty, a great hit for my feminine side.  This could also be a lot of fun.   The flappy sleeves and collar would drive me nuts, and the little cap is just completely ridiculous.    I can see going around in the this with three balls, and "having" to try to juggle, even though I can't.   I'd love to have to tell a lame joke and be punished when I can't get a laugh...

This might be just my nostalgia....Cheer Bear!   The dress sheds pink glitter everywhere and like the others has little for sleeves, wrist warmers too.   There is a little tail in the back and the stupid hood.   I can't think of any automatic situations, but it seems SO girlish I had to buy it.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Ashlee Dictionary

I'm not sure what the purpose is, but Master's newest project for me is the "Ashlee dictionary".  In this, I come up with words, and give an "Ashlee-nition" that is supposed to be cute and clever.  I don't what his intentions are, but knowing Master I wouldn't be surprised if some of these end up on a shirt, panties, or poster on my wall.   What exactly is an Ashlee-nition?  Some examples:

Athlete - What you need to be to have a chance with me.
Boy crazy - See me
Crush - What most popular boys have on me.
D - A letter that means I don't have to go to summer school.
Early - What losers get up.
Fierce - How I look in my selfie.

Et cetera

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

You wouldn't believe....

Fact is, girls like me tend to sweat more than most girls for obvious reasons.  You know...just how we're wired.   So what?  Well, I'll tell you what.

Long after the fruity moisturizer, and sickly sweet boy wash has worn away from the wind...long after I've gotten used to the taste of my lip gloss...hours after I last sprayed my hair...I still have that florid bouquet amped up by my sweat keeping my threads cute and telling everyone with a nose that I am a complete girlie girl.   For all the talk of perfume or anything else, the one girlish scent that stays with me longest and post powerfully, believe it or not, is deodorant.  So anyone out there: put as much time into finding the right scent of girlie deodorant as anything else (this is my scent).   Your well-trained nose will thank me.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Some early possibilities

I do kinda wish I didn't get more feedback when I posed about ideas or options for Halloween. I'm messing around with some ideas, including...

1- Goldilocks. Upside:  Cute, bright colors, little skirt.   Girlish and definitely attention getting.  A known character.   Could haul around a little bear all night.  Downside:   not too much in the way of props.

2. Minnie Mouse. Upside: as bright and colorful as the other. Silly ears, drawn-on nose and whiskers. Skirt. Downside: Not as bright, with the black. Few recognizable props (mousetrap somehow? Cheese?)

 3 - Cheer bear.   Upside:  Pink, ridiculously girlish.   Ears, tail.  Downside: Need some hosiery.   Too obscure?

4 - Football player.   Upside: glittery.  Definitely embarrassing take on a male costume.   Brightly colored.  Downside: Not very 'typical'. 

I'm open to more tween/teen ideas.   Thanks for those who did offer suggestions.  Some were a bit adult sexy for me and my girlish side.  And plus, always looking for ideas about what to do that night somewhere in New England.

alarming stories

Master was telling me about a trick he used to play on another sub.   Seems that sub was really jumpy about buying stuff, and was whining a bit much about having to purchase a bra and panty set one day -- even though he was male!   Master went with him, not to the lingerie, section, to observe his discomfort.

Or so Master said.

Rather, Master quietly dropped one of those plastic tags in his subbie's pocket.  So just when the little idiot was sweating relief on his out of the department store with his new lingerie set..."BWOOP BWOOP BWOOP"  goes the alarm.  Now he has to stand there as some "little guy" to use Master's words, rushes over and paws through his purchase and compares it to the receipt.   Master loves to tell this story...and now I'm scared to go into large stores with him.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Catch and release

So last weekend, we played "catch and release". What is that? Great question. It's an evil version of tag. So master took me to a park some distance from where I live. I was wearing male clothing, and a pair of largish sunglasses that had been painted over, not quite blindfolding me but making my vision very poor. We got out of the car and took a bit of a walk..two guys....a couple regular guys talking on the trail. We walked for about half an hour. Then it was getting dark and we stopped. And this is what Master said: "Okay, let the games begin. Your job is simple....get back to the car. My job is simple...stop you." Now, mind you, I had no idea where the car was, so this was already unfair. "Here's the deal...I am going to try to stop you. Every time I can tag you, I get to do something to stop you...and then have to run back to the car. If you admit you can't get to the car, I win. If you get to the car, you get three days off. Deal?" Not that I had much of a choice. I said "Deal!" and with that, Master was gone. I started by going downhill as quietly as I could. Figured I had maybe one chance to get there before anything he did made it impossible. The park wasn't that large, and I have a decent sense of direction, and in any case I -- "Gotcha!" Not sure how Master moved that quietly, but he did. And he had something for me. "Put these on, hon," he said, handing me a pair of heels. Heels that he carefully locked on. "See you real soon!" And off he went. Now I was moving at a fraction of my earlier speed, clicking on the paved trail. I quickly moved off to the grass, slowing me down more. There was a glow over the horizon, likely a parking lot. I picked me way across, staying awfully quiet so he wouldn't hear me. "Oh, the silent treatment huh?" Master said, once again scaring the daylights out of me. "Well, let's try this..." and at that, two anklets with little bells were tied around my ankles. Now each step was slow, And noisy. Unsurprisingly, Master was back rather quickly. Frankly, I wasn't sure he'd gone to his car, but he did have something new in his hands. A small chain that connected my heels. "Back soon!" he whispered, before I could even admit I'd given up. Now it was just a matter of him enjoying my helplessness. I had a collar and kitty ears on, even a tail. My shorts were replaced by a pink miniskirt soon enough, and my shirt with a black tank top. "Does kitty admit she's helpless?" Master asked me, laughing as the moon came over the treeline. Yes Master. Helpless. As always.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Book club

Book club?  Me?

That's what I thought too.   Apparently, Master has decided I need to improve my game after having been stuck in 8th grade for three years straight (LOL).  So we got a sparkly notebook and sparkly pen.   And of course, my first book...

Boys R Us by Lisi Harrison

Part of t he description:

"Dylan Marvil: Is happy times ten to finally have a crush who's crushing back, especially since they luh-v all the same things: marshmallows, lip-kissing, and chugging Red Bull. Buuuuuuuuurrrrrrrp!

Kristen Gregory: Scored three goals on the soccer field last week-and Massie's crush . . . which earned her an ejection from her ex-BFF's heart. Can Massie forgive and forget, or is Kristen out of the game forever?"

Questions to consider include which outfit sounds cutest, which character sounds cutest.  As always, Master is somehow making me dumber while convincing me that I am trying to become smarter. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

On the road...

Master is just os not fair!   Half the time we tells me I have to clean my room.  The other half the time I get in trouble for not keeping my room messy the way that "girls like me" do!   And then I got punished today for having my room too messy.  It's like he's never happy.

But the punishment was way too mean.    Master told me to get some skinny jeans and a polo shirt on, and do light makeup and hair in a ponytail.  Check.   Then about an hour before dawn, he tells me to put something else on, and ride with him in his van.   You will not believe what he had me do!

Master pulled his van along a road way and put one of those little bubble lights on his roof!  Then I had to put on two gloves, and a bright yellow vest with "Winslow Co. Juvenile Probate" on the back in huge letters...and pick up the trash on the road!!   So many people musta stared at me, thinking I was some bad girl trying to avoid juvie!  SO humiliating!!

I don't know what would have happened if a real cop had come by.  That's probably why Master told me to get back in after thirty minutes.  Then he asked if I'd learned my lesson about being messy!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Lil bunny

A wild rabbit lives somewhere in Master's backyard.   So what you say?   That was my one time.   Of course, the "real me" is less blase, but loves adorable (adorbs) lil bunnies.  Actually, the 'real me' is rather taken with Mr. Whiskers (I know), and has a couple carrots in the fridge anytime I should see him.   And heaven help me if Master spots him before I do, as that's another demerit.

In any case, once Mr. Whiskers makes an appearance, I am to run to the fridge, grab the carrot, and carefully go down to my haunches, offering the rabbit the carrot.   I call him naturally "come here Mr. Whiskers...look at these yummy carrots!" and so forth.   I'm told this will end once I pet Mr. Whiskers (and probably get bitten in response), but until then Master is building up even more photos for his album.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Make em quit

Step right up, step right up for another round of "Make 'em Quit!!"  The game show where some poor well-meaning guy is driven to quit tutoring because of the endless confusion and foolishness of one rather slow student!

That's right, with online tutoring exploding, Master signed me up, with one goal.  Be so slow, confused, distracted that the tutor gives up on me.  Do you know how humiliating it is?   Of course, he game me some tips, so here I am blathering on about some guy in class while not understanding simple division.   Soon, Master says we'll start keeping score, so I better be completely, off my game.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

You know what's coming....

Regular readers know that I love Halloween as a chance to be in public in a ridiculously girlie outfit.   I've detailed the last several Halloweens below, what I did and experienced -- check 'em out.

To review, I've been many a thing over previous years, along with links to the entries about each humiliating experience for the three most recent ones:

2014-  Alice in Wonderland (Part I, Part II)
2013 - Sailor girl
2012 - Girlie clown
2011 - Pink and black devil girl
2010 - Honey bee
2009 - Strawberry Shortcake

Of course, this year is  a 2fer- it's Halloween and a Saturday!   I have some ideas, but would love to hear what you think I should go as, and what I should do.  I have some basic ideas that make a costume good:
  • A costume that was girlish and what I call insignificant. "Insignificant" not in terms of the fabric used, but rather in the message it sends that I'm just a silly little girl, not important. Bonus if it is a pink/sparkly take on something usually manly (why the pink devil girl was a good choice).
  • The idea of having to obsess about the state of my clothing with props and elements to constantly be adjusting and trying to control.
  • Something that will garner attention, either through color, light, noise, what have you.
So what should I wear?  What should I do?  Leave your ideas in the comments below!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pretty flowers

Of course, there are often pretty flowers in my room.  A girl like me likes pretty things, so why not flowers.  Of course, a girl "like me" isn't particularly good at...well, much.  Which of course means that they often struggle to last more than week.  I am always careful to over- or under-water the flowers, because someone like me just doesn't think about things like that.

There was that time I didn't manage to kill the flower in time.  Ever sit in a field, doing "he loves me, he loves me not"?  With a bouquet of daisies?   I have.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Well, I bet you can imagine what my  life has been like in the last 24 hours.   My favorite band EVER split, and Master has been very helpful.   He put on all the videos of them I own ("I know you'll want to watch them all"), reminded me that I have great memories ("I'm sure you'll want to try on every bit of their merchandise today, and have a little fashion show"), let me some time ("I think you'll be crying enough to use all these tissues"), and let me get the misery out ("several sad poems, I'm sure.")

Master is so thoughftul.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer reading

Of course I wasn't allowed to begin my summer reading until tonight, and it's due tomorrow.  Girls "like me" don't do work ahead of time.   Master says looking cute is way more important than dumb skool and he's right.

Another reason I won't get a good grade on this dumb essay about some dead person I'm reading about is that Master only gave me the book after he cut the outer inch off the pages!   I have to say why Mister Whoever is such a big deal, and like every sentence goes "and he was the first person to" .. cut off page. 


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cheer Camp, Part II

Earlier, I described Master's cheer camp, but I left off what the last week was like.  That's because he went all out.

See, apparently at the camp Master invented -- and God knows what movie he watched to get the idea -- there is an annual tradition.

I woke up on Friday, and hanging from one of the posts of my bed was an old football jersey.  All I had to go on was a last name, Hinson, and the number 43.  Apparently, this is how the boys in football camp "claimed" their girls at my cheer camp.   So of course I spent the day in the jersey, which smelled of man sweat and draped ridiculously on me.

But, see, that's just for the other girls.  As Master instructed, I spent much of the day constructing a cute outfit the was customized.  So I spent much of the day decorating a coral blue tank top (prominent legend: My Heart Hammers 4 Hinson) and shorts to wear.  Then, in the evening I went out to a spot in the backyard that was designated "kissing rock", and following rules, stood there, blindfolded, and smiling starting at 5:30.

Of course you know what's next...Master gets home from work and plants one on me.

But that didn't happen.  I heard the car pull up, Master walking around, perhaps chuckling and then...the door closing.  The instructions were specific, so I stayed where I was with my best cheer smile planted on, all done up to be extra cute.  I knew if I cheated I'd be in huge trouble.   But as the mosquitos discovered me, I confess: I lifted the blindfold.  And there on a paper right in front of me the message "I'm standing you up...sorry, I thought you were cuter.  Friends?"

So you know what happened next.   We all know what was expected of me.   I squatted down and cried until the door opened.

Ah, camp memories.   Bet I'm going back next year.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Cheer Camp, Part I

So Master sent me to cheer camp this summer.  Not really, but he did make me do some things that are very cheer camp-y.  And it was huge fun!  (Not really).   I took a week off from work, and I was given a few simple rules:

Be awake and ready when he checks in at 8:30am.   Ready means made up, in the outfit he picked out, having eaten breakfast and smiling.
Then while on Skype I opened the envelope for the day he left behind.  Most days were pretty similar:
-Learn three routines on YouTube by the end of the day.  That took a lot of my time, especially at the end of the week.  Some of the ones that he'd picked out were HARD!   And it doesn't help that I had to change each cheer to my team, the Knights.  Making new rhymes that worked was so impossible.
-Finish the day's craft.   I made so many friendship bracelets (don't know what happened to them!)  Also some fun hair things.  Lots of decorating cheer bows.
-Write today's letter home.   So I had to give Master a letter about how much fun I was having and how much I learned.
-Keep the BW journal.   I had to fill up a page in the "boy watching" journal describing what I saw the cuties across the lake doing every day.   And of course, there were old photos of Master that served as inspiration.
-Go through today's crisis.  A little drama girl like me is always having a crisis.  For example, I had to text Master I couldn't find my cheer bracelet, and rifle off twenty texts in an hour asking for where it could have been.   Tough coming up with more than five!

Then there was the final week...ugh.   More on that later.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Omegle Adventures

A recently posted about the limits I'm coming up against in my quest for self-humiliation.  There is a reluctance of people to actively embarrass another, I think especially one who seems to be vulnerable.  On the other hand, I am unready to bring my pink sparkly self for a walk through Times Square.

There may be a compromise.

I got inspiration from this person's YouTube videos, where s/he goes on Omegle and welcomes or invites laughter from women looking at his sissy outfits and behavior.   Intriguing I thought...he is direct, and gets good results.

Well, first of all, only about 10% of Omegle users are women.   And of those, half struggle with a conversation.   Annnnyway, I'm still perfecting my approach.  However, early tests seem promising, when I get the chance to do this.   It does require privacy not just to type, but to make noise, so things are slow going.   But this may have some potential.   More to back to our regular fictional diet. :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

It's broooooken

So, one aspect that Master has made clear to me in many ways is my helplessness in many situations that the fake (male) me, doesn't have.  And one of those cases is when anything breaks.  I'm helpless and hopeless when my computer does something weird, per Master's instructions.  Of course, it doesn't help that there are passwords and changed filenames all over the place, meaning I am somewhat helpless despite myself.

Increasingly, this applies to other stuff as well.   I used to be good with tools, but now?  Nope.  Master did get me a pink-handled toolset that I am to use, but of course I don't know what I'm doing.  I only have a scrwedriver of "one type" when I need "the other one".  Plus the "claw thingy" is hard to rotate (I swear he gummed it up), and with my need to avoid chipping a nail at any cost, I'm pretty helpless.

Which explains how I've been locked in the bathroom for an hour now.  But at least I have a lot of selfies.

Friday, August 7, 2015


The following is all truth, based on a recent encounter.  I think I've hit a limit in terms of public display.

As longtime readers may know, one of my favorite approaches to public humiliation is to dress up as my girlie self, call ahead to a store or takeout place, hoping a woman will answer.  I place an order, then "warn" them that the person coming in is a guy dressed as a girl, and he should have to do something, sing or dance or whatever, to complete his mission.   The idea is to give "permission" to service employees to mock a customer.

So recently I went into a pizza place after having called ahead.   After being observed and laughed at by the guy who was manning the register (sadly), I paid for the item -- which was wonderfully slow in being prepared.  The guy looked at me and said "and I'm told you have a song to sing for us?" and I answered "I'd rather not..."

Now, I guess in my world he would say "well, then you don't get anything!" and force my hand.  But as most people are trying to be good people and do the nice thing, he just nodded and said no problem.  They always do that.  I mean, maybe someday I'll find someone in customer service who enjoys making the customer squirm, but I haven't yet.  I think this is an understandable limit.

It's partially my fault, too.  As I was waiting for my item, the door behind me opened and another customer came in.  I don't know what he looked or sounded like because I didn't move a muscle.  He would have been fertile ground for humiliation, or perhaps he'd have beaten me down for my transgressive clothing and makeup.  I'll never know.

Seems like this has gone as far as it will, and has become a limit for me.  I'm exploring the whole webcam angle a bit more -- something for a later post.  But for now, the public thing doesn't seem to be there. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015


So, of course, Master believes that I am scared of lightning.   Which means during the summer that I am to always be a bit jumpy when there are grey clouds about.   I'm also expected to high-tail it it into the inside any time a flash is seen, even off of a porch or relaxed sunroom.   Master does laugh so when I go inside due to a flash of lightning miles away, hiding from something that I only have to seem afraid of.

Monday, August 3, 2015


With all the forums and clubs and all that that Master has me subscribe to, one of the hardest parts is the usernames.  There are so many sites, and Master insists that I have a different username.   For example, on one site my username is Gigglez___06_   Of course, can I remember how many underscores that is?  No.  And if I don't update on these sites, I get in trouble.  If I have to request my username, Master sees it as he controls my email and I get in trouble.

Seems I'm always in stupid trouble.

Friday, July 31, 2015


The Internet seems to hyper-accelerate trends.   Today I learned of a new one.  Master is constantly supplying me with study material about my supposed life: crushes, interests, friends.  I consume it as best I can, but the scattered and distracted mode of my studying (thanks to his rules) means that I struggle to commit it all to memory.  Hilarity results.

Well, today I learned (the hard way) of the "best friends egg challenge".  You can see it all over Youtube.  The premise is pretty simple...two best friends ask each other questions, and if one person gets the answer wrong, the other person gets to crack an egg on their head.  Classic summer, hose down afterward stuff.   So here I am, doing this by text, sitting outside in my bikini.   Now, I believe Master when he says that I have read or supposedly learned all this stuff, but how am I going to remember Celesta's dad's middle name?

Of course, then there's the additional layer of punishment.  Cracking the egg on my head is the punishment for not knowing more about my BFF...but then I have to act properly when that happens.  I found out, only afterward, that Master had a list of seven reactions he expected.    I did get four of them ("eww"..."can I clean it off?"..."this is bad for my hair, isn't it?"...and "I hate this").  But I missed three ("that hurts!" [when cracking it], "it's so cold", and "it smells weird!").   In other words, not only did I have to crack a bunch of eggs on my head while wearing a bikini, he tells me I was doing it wrong.  And I am to go to the local convenience store the real me to buy replacements until I get it right.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


There are posts scheduled through October I've written, but first...I will be in a rare position next week, in that I will have some privacy away from home.  This is real life stuff.

I'm considering spending one night in, undergoing some self-training.  This could take the form of a photo shoot, to completing some assignments from people in my room.  I am also weighing a kind of "mad libs" where someone fills in the blanks on a storyline I have to live.   At its most extreme, maybe a chat/cam session in my room to prove I'm doing as told.  I'd be available on August 4, 10-12 at night (approximately).

Bold stuff for me.  Interested? Email me at

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weird hems

So...the fashion right now is for odd things.   One main one is diagonal hems, and they drive me crazy!   Even though all the little touches of being a girl like me are distracted by to craziness -- the hair touches, the jewelry, all that.  But at least those are symmetrical and predictable.  But diagonal hems?   I keep feeling something is out of place, that I need to adjust something.

Sometimes the hem touches one leg, or the back of a leg, but no corresponding pressure?  Drives me crazy!  I feel that I'm doing something wrong, or an odd sensation is making me question my sanity...which I guess is the idea...

Thursday, July 23, 2015


I know it's been awfully quiet lately.   Frankly, I'd been into captioning a lot more, and had felt like I was running low on material and experiences.   Lately I've felt a fresh wind, though, and you can expect more content coming down the pike on this blog this fall.  I hope readers will enjoy it...please drpo me a comment.  Comments are the lifeblood of a blog like this.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sarah Jane

Just checked my blog and found some delightful comments from a new visitor.  My email addy is
   Please email me so we can chat!