Friday, July 31, 2015


The Internet seems to hyper-accelerate trends.   Today I learned of a new one.  Master is constantly supplying me with study material about my supposed life: crushes, interests, friends.  I consume it as best I can, but the scattered and distracted mode of my studying (thanks to his rules) means that I struggle to commit it all to memory.  Hilarity results.

Well, today I learned (the hard way) of the "best friends egg challenge".  You can see it all over Youtube.  The premise is pretty simple...two best friends ask each other questions, and if one person gets the answer wrong, the other person gets to crack an egg on their head.  Classic summer, hose down afterward stuff.   So here I am, doing this by text, sitting outside in my bikini.   Now, I believe Master when he says that I have read or supposedly learned all this stuff, but how am I going to remember Celesta's dad's middle name?

Of course, then there's the additional layer of punishment.  Cracking the egg on my head is the punishment for not knowing more about my BFF...but then I have to act properly when that happens.  I found out, only afterward, that Master had a list of seven reactions he expected.    I did get four of them ("eww"..."can I clean it off?"..."this is bad for my hair, isn't it?"...and "I hate this").  But I missed three ("that hurts!" [when cracking it], "it's so cold", and "it smells weird!").   In other words, not only did I have to crack a bunch of eggs on my head while wearing a bikini, he tells me I was doing it wrong.  And I am to go to the local convenience store the real me to buy replacements until I get it right.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


There are posts scheduled through October I've written, but first...I will be in a rare position next week, in that I will have some privacy away from home.  This is real life stuff.

I'm considering spending one night in, undergoing some self-training.  This could take the form of a photo shoot, to completing some assignments from people in my room.  I am also weighing a kind of "mad libs" where someone fills in the blanks on a storyline I have to live.   At its most extreme, maybe a chat/cam session in my room to prove I'm doing as told.  I'd be available on August 4, 10-12 at night (approximately).

Bold stuff for me.  Interested? Email me at

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weird hems

So...the fashion right now is for odd things.   One main one is diagonal hems, and they drive me crazy!   Even though all the little touches of being a girl like me are distracted by to craziness -- the hair touches, the jewelry, all that.  But at least those are symmetrical and predictable.  But diagonal hems?   I keep feeling something is out of place, that I need to adjust something.

Sometimes the hem touches one leg, or the back of a leg, but no corresponding pressure?  Drives me crazy!  I feel that I'm doing something wrong, or an odd sensation is making me question my sanity...which I guess is the idea...

Thursday, July 23, 2015


I know it's been awfully quiet lately.   Frankly, I'd been into captioning a lot more, and had felt like I was running low on material and experiences.   Lately I've felt a fresh wind, though, and you can expect more content coming down the pike on this blog this fall.  I hope readers will enjoy it...please drpo me a comment.  Comments are the lifeblood of a blog like this.