Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bully me!

So, I had a stroke of ... brilliance?  Nah.   Just an idea.

I'm dressing up as a nerd for Halloween, for much of the night at least.   Also as a "jester".

So what would make sense for a nerd?  Being bullied!   I'm thinking of asking for help, saying I need photos of me being bullied...the way nerds are.  Any ideas on how I can phrase it, or if I should suggest?

As for a jester?   What do I do?   If I can't make someone laugh, I have to do a consequence?  

Hmm....ideas are welcome in the last 36 hours before the big day!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"I'm a boy!" giggle....

Some time ago, I posted about one trendy YouTube "challenge"...well, today is about another that Master finds amusing on two fronts.  It is variously called the "clothes swap/dress up" challenge.

The challenge is two people choose outfits for one another.  Of course, it gets more immediate to me when the two persons involved are a boy and a girl.  Master likes to laugh at how poorly the clothing fits the boys, and how much cuter I look, or would look in them.  He also likes to point out their embarrassment and so how nice it is I don't share it (though in fact I do).

So it was his idea for me to do it.  Not him of course, just me.  So great, right?  Wrong.   Like the girls in these videos -- and I'll leave it to you to find them -- once in boys' clothing I have to act in a silly, over-exaggerated boyish way, walking with a ridiculous swagger and fake-deep voice.  Stupid b-boy gestures and crotch grabbing...all while giggling and tossing my hair.  I'm a boy convincingly portraying a girl who is very unconvincingly acting like a boy.

"See, nobody would believe you're a boy" he said.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The final five

Alright friends, I have it down to five costumes.   I own them all and they all fit for the most part.  Some accessories shopping still to do.  But I present a picture of each...then I NEED your opinion.  What looks most like a tween girl looking for attention?  What could lead to the most humiliating attention and situations?   What would exhilarate and humiliate me?   Please leave comments or email me at

Pink Minnie Mouse.  It fits pretty well, and the ears just look ridiculous.  It's a recognizable character and very spot on I think toward my femme side.  Playful and cute with an attempt at flirty.   A look at me type of costume.   Tough to come up with situations, as it were.  do I have a cat that I have to act scared of?  Walk around with cheese?  Ask if anyone has seen Mickey?

"I love nerds".    Ridiculous thing that is part schoolgirl, part trendy, part boy crazy.  The bowtie is on an elastic and is a ridiculous pain in the neck, and the suspenders are there too, flapping a bit.   The glasses are empty frames, which looks extra silly.   I would have to get the leggings but that shouldn't be much of a problem.   I do like how clearly girlish this is, and it could lead to some interesting situations and stunts.  Do I go shopping for pocket protectors?  Do I have to do math in front of other people, and consequences if I don't get it right?

Neon witch.   No blending in with this one!!  The tulle in the skirt, and bright sparkling dress really make me stand out.  The hat is ridiculous.   Plus, I don't know if you can tell, but there is a collar detached from the dress that goes around my neck.  The single most annoying accessory to the costume without a doubt.   Situations aren't as easy to come by, though I would have to carry a broom all night.  Or day.

Festive jester.  Again, colorful flirty, a great hit for my feminine side.  This could also be a lot of fun.   The flappy sleeves and collar would drive me nuts, and the little cap is just completely ridiculous.    I can see going around in the this with three balls, and "having" to try to juggle, even though I can't.   I'd love to have to tell a lame joke and be punished when I can't get a laugh...

This might be just my nostalgia....Cheer Bear!   The dress sheds pink glitter everywhere and like the others has little for sleeves, wrist warmers too.   There is a little tail in the back and the stupid hood.   I can't think of any automatic situations, but it seems SO girlish I had to buy it.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Ashlee Dictionary

I'm not sure what the purpose is, but Master's newest project for me is the "Ashlee dictionary".  In this, I come up with words, and give an "Ashlee-nition" that is supposed to be cute and clever.  I don't what his intentions are, but knowing Master I wouldn't be surprised if some of these end up on a shirt, panties, or poster on my wall.   What exactly is an Ashlee-nition?  Some examples:

Athlete - What you need to be to have a chance with me.
Boy crazy - See me
Crush - What most popular boys have on me.
D - A letter that means I don't have to go to summer school.
Early - What losers get up.
Fierce - How I look in my selfie.

Et cetera