Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Keepaway from Nerdy Ashlee!

Somewhere, Ashlee is fretting her little head about what's going to happen tonight. She may be trying to log into her blogger account, wringing her hands with the gravity of what may happen if she doesn't please me. How did we get here?

On Halloween, Ashlee got all dressed up in her Nerd Girl costume and went to a local university, in an attempt to be bullied. While she received a fair share of mockery, her hopes of being actually 'bullied' were dashed. Well, I intend to right that wrong tonight.

I've taken control of her blog and refused to give it back. She will be going through a day in the life of a nerdy schoolgirl via a series of humiliating tasks at linepunishment.com. When, and if, she makes it through her 'day', she'll receive access to the blog she's poured her heart and soul into for years again. As of now, it's no more than a notebook being held high above her head while she desperately reaches and tries to snatch it back from me.

So keep your eyes on this space, I'll let you know as our desperate nerd enters each phase of her tormented schoolday.

Ashlee, you may only comment that you've acquiesced to this torment willingly and remark about how excited you are for your schoolday. If you leave any other comment or editorial in the comments section, it will be deleted.


  1. What is written above is true....I let the gentleman (I'm not going to give names should he not want it) in as an admin of my blog expecting I would be kicked out like this. If the phrase "be careful what you wish for" is indeed true, I will find that out tonight. But I am really looking forward to finding out!!!