Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hard work

So, I had to work extra hard today.   See, it snowed recently, and Master said I needed to stop sitting around texting friends, and start doing my part.  I had to shovel the deck from some recent snow.

Inline image 1No big deal, right?   I put on my nice puffy jacket and boots, and went out there.  The jacket is of course white, wit ha grey fur-lined hood, and stops at my waist.  Along with my skinny jeans and white gloves, it definitely screamed lil snow bunny.  No way I was gonna blend in.
But it go worse...this is what I was given:

The one on the left, naturally.   So short, so flimsy!  The shovel barely handled any snow.   It made the job really slow... "hurry up princess!" I must have heard like three times.  And then the wind kept blowing the snow BACK on to the deck, and I must've reshovled some of the snow two or three times!  With the wind blowing my hair around too, I started to feel completely useless out there!   It's almost as if he's trying to make me bad at this sort of stuff!

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