Saturday, February 6, 2016

A return to normal

I remember a while ago there was a blog out there where the writer posted about all the humiliation his master forced on him.  The subject was invariably wearing too much makeup, lots of pink, and wetting himself, and alone in the photo.  After months, maybe years, of posts, he finally admitted that he'd made the whole thing up.

Why mention that?  Well, a while ago you started seeing some posts from a gentleman who had gotten involved with this blog and with me.  He and I wrote about some entertainment I provided during a couple video chats, dressing as instructed and performing little games and tasks for him.

Perhaps you were skeptical.  I don't blame you.  If you want proof, I certainly won't share any that I have.  This gentleman was wonderful, pushing me to humiliate myself in a number of ways and openly laughing at me as I fussed with hair, distractions, and painful heels.   Unfortunately, that phase seems to have ended, or at least been suspended.

Why mention this?  Well, the blog will go back to the way it had been before, say, October.  I have full and exclusive ownership of the blog.  Logs of play dates with this gentleman will no longer be posted.  Perhaps someone else will be interested in that role, but I am realistic enough to know there's a small chance of that took years to find someone intelligent, creative, and trustworthy enough to get to this phase with me.

I offer my thanks to the sir for all the fun and excitement he provided me.  At one point, I was looking at a reversible bracelet, that on one side says SINGLE and the other, TAKEN.  I was genuinely wondering which said to wear, and playing through all the impacts it could have on our conversation.  Having to go through the stunts I was expected to do, fulfilling my role, was wonderful.  I don't know where this blog will go from here, but it was great while it lasted.  To him, my gratitude.  To my audience....I'm just glad you're still with me.  More content to come!

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