Tuesday, February 9, 2016


After Halloween, to my way of thinking, the next couples of weeks may be the most socially acceptable time to crossdress.  Why?

For my foreign readers, a popular form of entertainment in the US is "Fantasy football", an exercise that I hear is taking root elsewhere in the globe.  Players choose a lineup of athletes, and earn points based on those athletes' endeavors.  Part of the lore, as well, is the increasing prominence of forfeits, penalties, for the loser.

I have an idea that I'd like to implement, something not far off activities done before but would need some help.  This person would merely need to place a phone call on my behalf, and add some of their own ideas.   If interested, comment below so I may reach you, or use the email on this site.  I'm hoping to carry this out by Tuesday the 16th.

Now that I'm on my own again, I need to make things happen.   This is how.....

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