Friday, April 29, 2016

Punishment hairbands

The other day, Master had me do something that didn't make sense.  He sat me down with some fuzzy children's toys, a couple of my headbands and a tiara, a craft knife, and a couple bottle of superglue.

Strange....he had me cut the little toys up into small patches and superglue them underneath the headbands.   And similarly with the combs of the tiara.   I figured it was just a way to emphasize how useless I am with my longer nails.   When they were all done, he told me I had made some "punishment headbands" which made no sense.

Until her showed me this article.   And this one.   Turns out these toys are Bunch'ems, and can get horribly caught in hair, and take an hour, two hours to disentangle.  Imagine Satan got ahold of velcro.

So from now on, if I'm bad, I can almost have a headband or tiara glued to my male hair.   Punishing me with stuff I made myself. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"But we're best friends"

Ugh.   A new lipsync to do.

Having to dance and sing along with a song about all the boys hitting on me, how horrible.  And the obliviousness in the singer just makes it worse...   I just hope he doesn't upload to YouTube...